Eternal successors announcements and support thread


Greetings FGC.

Michael Latham the Creator of Eternal Champions wants to know from you if we should bring back a game in the vein of Eternal Champions?
We currently have the opportunity with a team of FG vets, former Sega\SNK\Namco to do a new fighter, and we personally want to hear from you if you think we should do this.

Currently we are in the planning phase, and would be looking for community support and feedback to make the best product possible, but first do you wwant it?

Please post your opinions, feedback, and constructive thoughts, favorite memories, etc. What would you all like to see?

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The Eternal Champion

UPDATE 3/25/20171. *We want to thank you all for the tremendous feedback and support we have gotten over the past week. We are happy with all feedback, and glad to know there are so many of you that still love EC. That being said we got 1400+ votes for yes and about 50 or so for no on a reboot. I wonder if we could get 10X that in the coming weeks? We need your help to make this happen. Michael, has been quite ill and apologizes for the lack of info up to this point. Once he is back on his feet we will be organizing more updates.

Most importantly for this project to happen we need you! We are looking for Community Champions who can help us with constant feedback, even brutal feedback. Don’t think we don’t notice the ones of you who don’t play or haven’t played because if we can build something that you would play, this would be huge for us. So those who hated it, let us know what you feel would make it work in the market now, so we can make it even better.

UPDATE 4/12/2017
*We have been working on the plan for the game, as well as doing early visualization and mockups of how we envision the game. Obviously this is still early and we are getting more excited daily. We are considering what path to take with the project, but excited to share more with you as it develops. Michael has been sick for a few weeks now, but is on the road to recovery and getting back into the groove with us.

We are adding some visualization tests, we want to be open and transparent with some ideas, but nothing is decided but rather ask the community for feedback and see what gets you excited outside the core mechanics, which is obviously the most important part, and something we won’t show until we feel its ready.

We are always going to try to offer some transparency throughout this process, to better give you all insight to what goes on internally, but also to make sure when we do move forward, its in the right direction.

Added 2 mockups in UE4, tests right now are to make it feel retro optionally in settings. Trying to tribute the color pallets of Ernie Chan and the original Sega titles.

** UPDATE 4/27/2017**
*** Our first official character, “Skinner Chen”. We have left some hints in the text for the next announcements. The design is not final, but wanted to tell the story early and be transparent with everyone. Have a good weekend everyone! ***

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I was always fond of this series even though I sucked at it.

Voted. I’d be down for this.

As long as the six-button layout and stage kills return, I’d be good.


All about it


i would love this. will try to spread awareness of it through social media.


Is this a dream or what?



Literally just a few days ago I was tweeting about this game. Hell some months back I had even thought of using Unity to play around with a remake myself. I would absolutely LOVE to see this game come out again remade.


Eternal Champions was pretty unique and it had a story that was interesting for a fighter. I’d say yeah I’d love to see a next gen eternal champions. But only if you guys can get Bone Thugs N Harmony to do some musical tracks for it lol.


I’m all for an Eternal Champions reboot. If yall need one, go ahead and open that Kickstarter!

Keep the lore, keep the gore, keep the cool characters that lived then died throughout time. The gameplay can be overhauled. Just make sure it’s very fun to play & watch, but also balanced & deep enough for competitive play. :#


Afai remember, it was one of the first games that used mid fight buffs and debuffs on opponents right? Not counting Sub zero freeze in MK1


I’d like another EC game, it holds a soft spot in my heart. I would love for it to be a deep, competitive fighter, but the sad truth is that complex fighting games don’t sell well. If they did, the Virtua Fighter games would’ve sold like hot cakes. The fact that the last entry in the main series was released more than ten years ago should tell you something.

This generation of Call of Duty kids doesn’t have the patience for a deep fighter. Make it shallow and accessible, and keep the gore. That’s the recipe for commercial success. Just look at Mortal Kombat X.


ItsOne0 posted…
“Keep the lore, keep the gore, keep the cool characters that lived then died throughout time. The gameplay can be overhauled. Just make sure it’s very fun to play & watch, but also balanced & deep enough for competitive play”

This. Especially if you can do a proper reboot, and not just a spiritual successor.

Personally, I’d love for it to be closer to the Sega CD versionot, with several of those characters included. On that note, I’d love for both the Champions to be playable as regular fighters.


i would totally play a new eternal champions, or heck, even an HD port. i never played the first ones but im trying to get better at cult-hit fighting games. if i could suggest where to go with it, customizability and accessibility are becoming more common in fighting games. but the most important things are overall gameplay design, and fun. good character-balance would be a good cherry-on-top but its less important


Maybe it would be a good idea to sticky this thread? I think we should support this as much as we can.


Keep it 2D, with sprites.


Yes, I had been thinking about this for years. Hell, I even came up with character/story concepts. I agree with keeping the lore, and the basic premise of lost souls needing a second chance. Only thing that I really really need for a nostalgia-gasm, is you HAVE to remix the main theme. I do not care about the other music, it was mostly forgettable, but the main theme…so…fucking…classic.


I just want the visuals to remain close to Ernie Chan’s (R.I.P.) original art for them.


Hell yeah!!! I would love to see that series make a comeback with a reboot!


Is this real fucking life right now?

Damn. I was always hoping we could get a revival of this game, ala Killer Instinct style. Fucking voted. :tup:


I would totally love the idea. They can even reuse the ideas they had prepared for the cancelled Sega Saturn sequel.

Btw, if you want some personal anectodes or memories, I can tell you that in my student folder I used to have Eternal Champions stickers. They belonged to this Panini sticker collection, which I actually finished (yeah, my younger self was quite “fixated” with the game) :


I always loved that Slashes fighting style was called Pain.

The state fatalities were always pretty cool. I spent quite a bit of time working out how they triggered. Xaviers fire would change from the standard orange and red flames to other colors of you’d seems the opponent into it using Rax’s overload attack.