Eternal successors announcements and support thread


I hope you can bring back at least some of the characters! I loved Shadow and Jetta. I remember Shadow had her own spin-off game. Experts? X-Perts?


Hmmm, who are these FG vets involved? Also what engines are you looking at?


Wouldn’t the opposite be better for a smaller game by a smaller company. A lot of smaller indies do this (SFV notwithstanding) and it allows for them to have a smaller development budget and it allows the game to keep growing beyond its initial scope, while continuing to earn money for additional content and patches for it (e.g. Skullgirls).


Good question.

Engine: UE4

The team we will reveal if we agree to move forward.

Right now planning is Michael Latham and Adam Starcaster.


Im not saying there should be no additional content and patches, I’m saying that the game shouldn’t be too DEPENDENT on additional content and patches to maintain hype & keep the game alive.

You don’t want to be in a situation where the foundation of your fighting game is so weak that the DLC character that you’ve been developing for 6 months only earns you one week of new buzz after release. You want everything, from the base game to the DLC, to be a slowburn; that way the devs will have the time to work on quality future updates without feeling the pressure of the game dying prematurely.

A good analogy would be that you want your fighting game to live “paycheck to paycheck”, and if you miss one week of work, you get evicted. Lol


Personally I liked the SF4 model of releasing expansions instead of individual characters. I feel like it was the perfect amount of content at once to keep me interested and make the wait worth it.

Now that companies do a character at a time I’m like ok hype for this character, ehhhh I don’t really like the character back to the same old same old. Wash rinse repeat until a character drops I actually like.

When its expansion based I’m like whaoh I like this old characters changes, I want to try them out , I like these new characters I want to try them out, this new stage is cool, I like this feature. It gives me different avenues to explore new and old parts of the game and THEN get set on what I like. Its a far less disposable experience.


The problem with that is that it costs more to do a full expansion than just smaller bits of content at a time.


Yes want it! But please 2D sprites as there are already shatloads of polygon fighters. 2D needs more love.


Should you bring back a game in the vein of Eternal Champions? The answer is…YES!..PLEASE!!..I’VE BEEN WAITING 20+ YEARS!!!

In my opinion, no other fighter has had as varied, interesting, and at the same time cool cast of characters (Killer Instinct is the closest…though…they stole Hisako from me…that was my idea!)

Anyways, Eternal Champions is the ONLY time EVER in a fighting game where I have genuinely cared about each fighter & was curious to see how their stories all played out! The backstory of why the characters are fighting each other & all of the characters biographies (that music) are second to none!

Oh! Another thing I absolutely loved was the music…I mean…just listen to this:

Is that not THE GREATEST MAIN THEME IN FIGHTING GAME HISTORY!? The only other one that comes close or ties it is again (IMO) Killer Instinct! Also, I know most prefer the soundtrack of Challenge From The Dark Side because it was CD quality, but I preferred the soundtrack of the original. The new themes for the new fighters were cool, but the new tracks for the original cast were a step down with the exception of maybe Jetta Maxx. It just didn’t capture the essence of the characters the way I felt the original soundtrack did. Those melodies are engraved in my head man!

Ok, despite me loving all that stuff, the one thing that always bugged me about the original Eternal Champions was that I was never any good at the game. The mechanics just never clicked with me. I mean, I did beat the game, but it always felt like it was by luck! However, I revisited the game recently and now I feel that I was just never playing the game the way it was meant to be played. I was always trying to play it like Street Fighter, but I think learning each characters normals are crucial to having success in Eternal Champions. Especially when you consider the fact that each fighters style is based on an actual martial art. Anyways, long-story-short, I can now say I appreciate Eternal Champions distinctive fighting mechanics!

Last thing, I know a lot of people probably hated it, but I think the final showdown against the Eternal Champion (EC1) is the greatest, most epic final boss fight of all time! 5 different forms & that music!..WOW!

Anyways, thank you Michael Latham & everybody else on the team who contributed to the franchise! I just wish there were something you could do, or that we could do in order for you guys to get the license from Sega. Oh God…does that mean you can’t use the main theme either? :bawling: I will support regardless, but here’s hoping something can be worked out.


Oh man, I loved EC on Genesis as a kid… More so than Street Fighter.

If you kept it 2D and sold it on the PS4, consider one game sold over here, no matter what.

A couple of additional requests, if I may:

  • Please keep the violent stage endings, and keep them so they only trigger in very specific ways (as before). They don’t need to be gory or too graphic though, and every stage should have one, in my opinion.

  • Please keep the original cast (and maybe add a few more characters). I agree that there should be at least 16 characters, but honestly, a few more wouldn’t hurt.

  • Please keep combos ground-based. I’m not a fan of air juggling combos because they’re so unrealistic, and I don’t think they would fit EC’s style.

  • I remember EC’s game speed was a little quick… I think a bit quicker than Street Fighter 2 on normal speed, please keep it that way. The faster, the better, in my opinion.

  • I do recall the special moves were a little difficult to execute. I think if they could be a bit easier, it would attract more people, but at the same time, I don’t think you need to “dumb it down” too much.

  • Please have decent single-player, offline content at launch… A Story Mode, Arcade Mode, Training, and maybe a few extra challenge or time trial modes. I think Street Fighter V proved that having low single player content at launch deters the casual gamer and hurts sales. If you can also unlock content (characters, stages, etc.) by playing the game, all the better.


Please release on PC as well. Thank you. =)


Just a reminder in case you guys are afraid with Sega holding a proper Eternal Champions game:

This is the right time, it was never easier to convince them to bring back an old franchise by the hand of other studios than now. Spiritual successor would be very risk in EC’s case, the lack of the cast is a huge loss, even if you almost photocopy them like Keiji Inafune did with his game.


We are still discussing the direction. The new game regardless of it being direct or indirect reference will tie in very well and have something to offer that will make you guys happy.


Rax… Pallet swap to Rex


We will have some updates early next week. Stay tuned.


Hell yeah!


I would step over my own dying mother for an EC revival. I don’t know how I feel about a “spiritual successor”, however. I am in love with all of the characters, locations, and story from the original two games. Without them, I don’t know. It’s something I’d have to see more of to get fully behind.

I played untold hours upon hours upon hours of this game as a kid with my cousins. I recently bought an original EC cartridge and played it with my cousins again and it was every bit as fun as we remember it being. I even busted out the old EC-CD version which still plays!


Hey everyone, just droped an update, hope to get your feedback.

Project is now called Eternal Successors for the time being. Thanks again for your continued feedback and support.


It’s awesome to see that things are progressing regarding this project. I really hope Michael gets well soon. Excited to see what else is in store. I’ll be sure to tweet this to various other FGC figures to see what they think.


Good to meet you Michael. This was like the Genesis version of Killer Instinct for me. One of my favorite system exclusive fighters. Killer Instinct I had to go to a friends house to play because I didn’t have a SNES, but I always had a Genesis and used to play for hours. What I liked most about Eternal Champions was that like KI it had like this great mix of the grittiness and fatalities of Mortal Kombat, but the button layout and neutral game of SF. I guess you could say this basically was the KI of the Genesis. Game inspired by both SF/MK into one crazy new game.

My mom always loved to watch me play Blade because he had the same first name as me. Jonathan.

I also liked that for a 16 bit game the characters were rather large on screen and it always made me feel like I was playing at the arcade with the “big sized” characters even though it was only a 16 bit game. Games like Super SF2 and Mortal Kombat always made you feel like you were playing a bootleg game because the characters were made much smaller than how they appear in the arcade version. It was good to have a fighting game with characters that appeared large on the screen and were quite detailed and loud in their designs compared to other games.

Like there isn’t any “karate gi” or “white muscle shirt and denim jeans” guy in Eternal Champions. Every character is rather complicated in their appearance which I feel was tough to do in 1992/3 with limited hardware.

My favorite part about the gameplay was how every character had like 10 special moves. That was unique as most fighting games you typically had your 3 or 4 specials and that was it. I liked how it was the only game that constantly made me read through the instruction manual day to day to figure out another special to use for my character and see what effect it had. They all had different commands like button hold, double buttons and other stuff. The concept of skill specials was really cool as they were like powered up special moves that gave the characters new tools and effects. Like Rax being able to pass through fireballs and switch sides with the opponent.

If you do make a new game I wonder how you’ll implement things like the skill meter and make the specials cost meter or if you’ll implement a new system. Looking forward to it. We need more OG 6 button fighters. Make sure it’s 6 buttons.