Eternal successors announcements and support thread

We are still discussing the direction. The new game regardless of it being direct or indirect reference will tie in very well and have something to offer that will make you guys happy.

Rax… Pallet swap to Rex

We will have some updates early next week. Stay tuned.

Hell yeah!

I would step over my own dying mother for an EC revival. I don’t know how I feel about a “spiritual successor”, however. I am in love with all of the characters, locations, and story from the original two games. Without them, I don’t know. It’s something I’d have to see more of to get fully behind.

I played untold hours upon hours upon hours of this game as a kid with my cousins. I recently bought an original EC cartridge and played it with my cousins again and it was every bit as fun as we remember it being. I even busted out the old EC-CD version which still plays!

Hey everyone, just droped an update, hope to get your feedback.

Project is now called Eternal Successors for the time being. Thanks again for your continued feedback and support.

It’s awesome to see that things are progressing regarding this project. I really hope Michael gets well soon. Excited to see what else is in store. I’ll be sure to tweet this to various other FGC figures to see what they think.

Good to meet you Michael. This was like the Genesis version of Killer Instinct for me. One of my favorite system exclusive fighters. Killer Instinct I had to go to a friends house to play because I didn’t have a SNES, but I always had a Genesis and used to play for hours. What I liked most about Eternal Champions was that like KI it had like this great mix of the grittiness and fatalities of Mortal Kombat, but the button layout and neutral game of SF. I guess you could say this basically was the KI of the Genesis. Game inspired by both SF/MK into one crazy new game.

My mom always loved to watch me play Blade because he had the same first name as me. Jonathan.

I also liked that for a 16 bit game the characters were rather large on screen and it always made me feel like I was playing at the arcade with the “big sized” characters even though it was only a 16 bit game. Games like Super SF2 and Mortal Kombat always made you feel like you were playing a bootleg game because the characters were made much smaller than how they appear in the arcade version. It was good to have a fighting game with characters that appeared large on the screen and were quite detailed and loud in their designs compared to other games.

Like there isn’t any “karate gi” or “white muscle shirt and denim jeans” guy in Eternal Champions. Every character is rather complicated in their appearance which I feel was tough to do in 1992/3 with limited hardware.

My favorite part about the gameplay was how every character had like 10 special moves. That was unique as most fighting games you typically had your 3 or 4 specials and that was it. I liked how it was the only game that constantly made me read through the instruction manual day to day to figure out another special to use for my character and see what effect it had. They all had different commands like button hold, double buttons and other stuff. The concept of skill specials was really cool as they were like powered up special moves that gave the characters new tools and effects. Like Rax being able to pass through fireballs and switch sides with the opponent.

If you do make a new game I wonder how you’ll implement things like the skill meter and make the specials cost meter or if you’ll implement a new system. Looking forward to it. We need more OG 6 button fighters. Make sure it’s 6 buttons.

I’m very excited to see if this comes into fruition.

I have something to add to my previous post:

If you do a traditional Arcade Mode (please do), please make it fairly difficult, even after retries/continues… There’s a trend in modern fighters to have the AI go easier if you lose against them and then fight them again. Please don’t do this - it completely strips the sense of accomplishment from beating the game.

And good luck, please let us know if there’s anyway we can help!



I like the choice to use the same color palette as the original Eternal Champions. It definitely gives the game a visual identity unique to everything out right now, which is a great thing. I’m curious to see how it looks on fully rendered characters.

Good work. Its definitely looking like a 3D Eternal Champions.


I just noticed this update now. I am very happy to see that the game seems to be entering a development/brainstorming stage!

I also love you how guys are being transparent and asking for feedback! I have a couple of suggestions based on the pictures:

  • I mentioned it in an earlier post, but I hope you guys stick to 2D or 2.5D. I’d still buy a 3D EC fighter, but I do prefer 2/2.5D fighters, but that’s me.

  • It sounds like this neon colour palette will be a selectable retro option, but I feel like you could probably tone the neon down a little. It looks good though!

Other than that, I’m very happy to see Trident make his triumphant return! He was my favourite character, along with MidKnight and Xavier.

I’ll buy the game if you put the song “You Spin Me Round” in it.

Right now these are mockups, so no confirmation on who is in or out or who is similar or not. Right now the Merman is nicknamed Aggor. Also he is fully rendered in voxel, to resemble pixel art, experimentally, but this is also not confirmed.

Those mockops look awesome, wow. I would play the game right now if it looked exactly like that.

That was my favorite stage, and Trident was my favorite character. Mad props guys, you could make a game with just the old characters and old stages and if it looks like that I would DEFINITELY pick it up. Add in online play and training mode? We in there. :tup:

Sounds good - it looks great so far!

I really hope this game comes out because I’m really excited, though I realize it will take some time.

Can’t say much with just those screens, but the art style looks good so far, using those pink glows from the original stage and very colorful. The pseudo Trident and Shadow textures are strange and looks like they are in low resolution, must see more of this way you’re rendering them, but the dude is faithful to his original counterpart giving the transition to 3D.
I don’t know if it’s the case, but would be good to make the stage lights reflecting on the character bodies a bit less in-game.

The jury still seems to be out on whether this will ultimately end up as a proper reboot or a spiritual successor.

Does anyone here think we should try to petition Sega to work with the team to bring “Eternal Champions” back?

We will do an official petition down the line. There is a ton of good things and bad things about both options. One part is control and providing what we want, vs what Sega may want etc. We aren’t closed to it, but right now is early, and will see what the best route will be.