Eternal successors announcements and support thread


Can’t say much with just those screens, but the art style looks good so far, using those pink glows from the original stage and very colorful. The pseudo Trident and Shadow textures are strange and looks like they are in low resolution, must see more of this way you’re rendering them, but the dude is faithful to his original counterpart giving the transition to 3D.
I don’t know if it’s the case, but would be good to make the stage lights reflecting on the character bodies a bit less in-game.


The jury still seems to be out on whether this will ultimately end up as a proper reboot or a spiritual successor.

Does anyone here think we should try to petition Sega to work with the team to bring “Eternal Champions” back?


We will do an official petition down the line. There is a ton of good things and bad things about both options. One part is control and providing what we want, vs what Sega may want etc. We aren’t closed to it, but right now is early, and will see what the best route will be.


Neon Pallette (and visual filter overall) brings nostalgia feeling for me. And I like it.


I would like to see the characters come from different timelines.

But some good. Some evil.

The concept of changing fate’s cool.

Give the names of the Eternal Champions for once.

The Dark Champion should recruit evil ones who want their conquests over the world.


Man, I’m just very stoked about this.

I do think the renders look great.


If that is the direction this game is going, then you are on track.


I’ve tweeted many members in the FGC and word is starting to get out.

Would it be possible if you or Michael could make a Twitter? It would be a lot easier for communication purposes. We want the message to get out there to everyone.


Friends and I still run Challenge From the Dark Side - I’d love to see the trilogy reach its conclusion!


we’re prepping and now and twitter to follow. Facebook group is also up and transferred.


Cool. I’ll keep everyone up to date. All of the early feedback is positive so far. Everyone wants to see a new one.


Well guys, I’ll keep it as short and sweet as my excitement allows me. People tend to forget how important is to have a GOOD story line in a fighting game. I know that the gamers who want that are a minority; when the focus ALWAYS is competitive gameplay and a flawless multiplayer experience. And that is perfect. The problem is that there is still ONE game that achieves the balance between a GOOD core and gameplay and an interesting story, with a nice lore and engaging characters.

To this day, there is no other fighting game that rivals with Eternal Champions. The main story is brilliant. The characters were obviously inspired from different materials (movies, mainly I think) but everything was done with a passion and love that every character felt original, authentic and with stories that you could invest on. You REALLY wanted to master that character to give them the chance to amend their lives and see what happened. And that’s what I want back. I am a 30 year old guy, I played EVERYTHING there is to play, had every console, I’m currently a happy PC Gamer… and I can proudly say that this is one of my favorite games of all time.

Was the gameplay of the original clunky? Yes it was. Could the moves be executed in a simpler and fun way? Yes it was. But these are things that can be easily corrected when you have a game as important as Eternal Champions in your hands. Suggestions from a huge fan:

  • Keep the original cast in. All of them. They all have a place in our hearts.

  • In today’s world there is something missing in games and movies. Have you noticed how characters, heroes or protagonists don’t have their own theme song anymore? If I say: “Superman’s theme?” you’ll know exactly what it is. Indiana Jones. See? You are moving your feet already. What about Guile’s theme? See what I mean? I think Eternal Champions prove the importance of this. To this day I whistle Xavier’s main melody that in my head was always a theremin. Or the intensity that Jetta’s song had that described the feeling of her as a risk taker in that Circus in Russia. I even supported an indie musician, Hyde209 when he presented his own take on the game’s original music: Champions Eternal - The Second Chance. What I mean with this is: PLEASE keep the original music in. The best approach would be the Killer Instinct approach. The work that Mr. Mick Gordon is doing with these classics hymn’s and putting the modern and contemporary twist on them is simply outstanding and I think he would be an amazing choice to work on such a GREAT soundtrack. Hell, if you think about having this game crowdfunded, he could be a stretch goal that I would gladly support. Anyway. KEEP the music from the first game. I always thought that Challenge from the Darkside had VERY generic rock music and I missed HORRIBLY the original soundtrack of the first game.

  • The game always had a very mature sense to it. I always loved the overkills, “fatalities” and finishers that the sequel brought to the game. But also the storylines; involving mafia treason, mutilation in favor of cyber enhancements and even getting stoned to death just by trying to fight the system. Deep shit. :stuck_out_tongue: please don’t dull this down to reach teen audiences. it’s a violent universe and it needs to remain like that.

  • I always thought that a good idea would be to have 2 people from the same time period so they could interact with each other during a revamped story mode. I think this could be really awesome. :slight_smile:

  • Provide the roster with more diversity and other timelines. Samurais, ninjas, marines. The possibilities are endless!

Okay. There goes my “short and sweet”. As I said, I am EXTREMELY excited about this and I would love to help or be a part of this game in ANY way I can. My hat’s off to Michael Latham who created one of the best gaming universe out there who made a guy from Uruguay very happy. :slight_smile:


Right now we’re are talking a greater expanded universe with characters that will feel fresh and familiar, and not closing doors for the original cast depending on future talks.

We want a fighting game that appeals to both sides and story that will leave you anticipating more.

All depends on the budget in the end. We’d like to treat the game as a platform not just a one off. That. wing said stay tuned.


Thank you for your response. :slight_smile:
Are you guys contemplating the possibility of a crowd source production like Shenmue 3? Or it will be done like the old fashioned way?
Is Michael the owner of Eternal Champions and it’s characters or that is from Sega now?

Thanks for the clarification!


My suggestion…keep the same special move system that was in the original, allowing there to be very powerful special moves but at the same time limiting their effectiveness.


I feel like when we ask for reboots of fighting games that dont belong to big developers we dont realize that it takes a AAA team that usually doesnt have a AAA budget to make a polished fighting engine.

Thats pretty much me saying lets leave this in the past, especially if it needs to be crowdfunded. Whos going to do this engine? And its not going to be 2d?

I see nothing but heartbreak in this games future. Of course I can stand to be proven wrong, but I mean when has that ever happened with a fighting game developed by a crowdfunding? Mike Z and Skullgirls was like the needle in the haystack.


The fact that this guy has proven himself as a developer way back in the wild west of fighting game development makes me optimistic that this is another exception. For all we know they may get more Publisher support since they have clout.

Also they’ve already mentioned using Unreal Engine 4 so there’s at least one question answered.


See? This I don’t understand. Why would you vote against having this game made when you are saying it yourself; you could be proven wrong.

Let the company make the game. If it’s a bad game, it will help to know what went wrong with the game and in a future attempt, those errors can be corrected. Now; if it its a good game, it’s all that matters, right? :slight_smile:


I didn’t vote against anything I said who’s going to fund a reboot from 25 years ago. We aren’t talking about SNK or Capcom, EC is pure nostalgia that system didn’t age well. Awesome game when I was 9 but no, it wasn’t competitive or polished.

But you’re right. I’ll wait to be proved wrong, def won’t be donating any money just on the hopes that it’ll be good. I don’t like how indie devs want gamers to invest in the idea.

But I’ll reserve my comments when I see more than concept art.


The alternative is to have companies fund indies, and good luck with that.