Eternal successors announcements and support thread


Again I’m not really saying I have the answers to their dilemma of funding I’m saying a dev trying to reboot a 20 year old fighter on the strength of nostalgia doesn’t really make me feel like throwing my cash at it.

Am I missing something, was Eternal Champions really a thing in the FGC at some point?

I don’t mind a reboot, but not if it’s indie. Def not if it’s indie. A polished fighting game is nothing short of 8-9 million dollars and that’s being liberal.


I’d fully support for the Eternal Champions successor.


Just saw these mockups… nice to see the ship is already sailing (and looking great)!

I’m quite positive the reception for this game could be quite good. If memory doesn’t fail me, right after the announcement of Killer Instinct 2013, there was, in the KI forums, a “next dormant fighting game series you would like to see resurrected” kind of thread, and Eternal Champions was among the most mentioned names, if not the most.

Also, in the last few years, it has become quite common to see articles in popular gaming sites, both in English and in my language, Spanish, mentioning Eternal Champions as a series which would be worth resurrecting in current times.

There’s indeed a demand for an EC sequel, and we are in a situation where the people who played EC back in the 90’s are still in an age group where we are not “too old” to still care about video games (according to a recent study by ESA, the average age of gamers is 35 years old). So this is an ideal time to release it at a time we can have both a good chunk of the old audience plus a new one.

I would also like to add that even if I like the idea of a game inspired by Eternal Champions, deep inside I would like Sega to get in touch with you, give you the right to call it Eternal Champions and help you with the funding. If two decades ago we were able to choose our favourite character and lead him/her to a second chance at life, I think now it’s time for Sega to give this series a second chance as well.


Back in the early 90s, Eternal Champions felt like something that could have gotten really big if it had just been given the right push. Magazines were all over it with tons of promotion and some good reviews. While it did have some flaws, it felt like something that could have blossomed into a big franchise if not for internal Sega politics and everything EC related (including spin offs, and a third game called “The Final Chapter” for the Saturn) being cancelled in favor of VF.


Out of genuine curiousity (not trying to be argumentative), what were the flaws?

I can’t recall any, but it’s been many years since I played an EC game… The only thing I remember wishing for was having some of the special moves easier to trigger.


Well, I mean neither was Mortal Kombat, and it aged even worse IMO. NRS still managed to put together a competitive version or two later, so there’s the absolute potential for this game to do the same.


Nah…MK 2 was actually legit, by UMC3 they had a real competitive system. Combos, pressure, rushdown, setplay

Netherealm also had a budget they haven’t been an indie developer since 1993


I just wish Bloody Roar would do the same thing.


That becomes a question (IMO) of “Did the developers make it competitive, or did the players?”

Because I always feel like MK is a broken pile of mess up until MK9. But then you see some of the EC and LatAm events that play the MK3 variants and make it work, but it still looks like a jumbled mess to me.


EC could have had that, but Sega of Japan pulled the rug out from under its feet because they didn’t want to have two fighting game franchises and favored VF.


Hey guys, I thought it proper to throw up some history before our next update which could be a few weeks off.

Here is an interview from 2015 that Michael did describing where the team was going with the story.


This is very interesting… I have been working on some models as a fan of Eternal Champions for the last few years, and even have a visualization of the characters. I’m working on a visualization of Xavier Pendragon now in a new generation form. I still play the hell out of this game even as an adult… I also envisioned cinematic kills looking super grisly in game.

This is a view of my visual quality that I’m aiming for. Hell if you guys are looking for artists, I’m game. I have high end creation tools, access to UE4 and can get immense detail. I even have videos of Blade and Shadow on my YouTube channel.

Blade in his Supersoldier gear, rendered in Unity.


Also been working on a high res Xavier Pendragon. Hair hasnt been added and the in game model needs to be baked

48 Likes, 4 Comments - Kashif C. Riley (@krgraphicscg) on Instagram: “Detail pass on the character skin... still not final.  #3d #characterdesign #Modo10 #artstation…” 25 Likes, 1 Comments - Kashif C. Riley (@krgraphicscg) on Instagram: “A full body render of my warlock with the head added. Still a #workinprogress as I still need to do…”


This is awesome. Eternal Champions has always had a special place in my heart… I’ve been working on a project inspired by this game and I already have working models, rendered in real time, next gen quality. If you guys are looking for artists, I’ll be more than happy to contribute. My posts above show the visual quality I’m going for, while keeping the 2.5D nature of the game


The art direction looks really awesome! I’m anxious to see how the gameplay will turn out. I never actually played the original games, can someone fill me in on how the gameplay worked?


The simplest way I could put is that it was a fighting game that sat in between MK and SF, yet felt more realistic and deep/complex than both of them.


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Nice! Are there more to come?


Good stuff. I should be done with Xavier this weekend… in my builds, I have two costumes, and maybe some retro inspired designs planned. And the level of detail is going to be insane… if you guys need artists for this, I already have three characters and three stages (These are original levels. I will soon model levels inspired by the original game)