Eternal successors announcements and support thread


Glad to see passion, not sure if we need anything just yet, but keep plugging and submit your portfolio to Adam Starcaster.


And how do I do that exactly?


It took me two seconds to find Adam on Facebook and Twitter. Reach out to him and send him a link to your stuff.


its cool how Eternal Champions CD combat has its own unique flow to its fighting.


I found him on Twitter. :slight_smile: He liked it


Wonder if they’ll remake the Eternal Champions music in a way Mick Gordon & Celldweller helped Killer Instinct’s music.


Thing is, some characters had some BRAINDEAD infinites in CftDS. Eternal-1 had a HK infinite in Tiger form, and Jetta could c.LK, c.MK all day for free. My local scene tried to play this competitively (I had a modded XBox with a Sega CD emulator, so it was simple to load up), but this stuff got found and completely ruined it in under an hour.


I see Eternal Champions (and Weaponlord) as an attempt of a more technical fighter, a type of fighter that would lead to complex deep games like Guilty Gear (despite the different artwork). And now Sega has a connection that I don’t fully understand with Arc System Works, so maybe EC could be produced under that banner. Not to mention ArcSys needs to diversify their portfolio of (very) similar games anyways.


Mick is alwaysfirst on our list, his schedule pending.


We got…

  • Shadow Yamoto (ninja assassin - year 1993 AD)
  • Slash (caveman - year 50,000 BC)
  • Trident (Atlantean - year 110 BC)
  • Midknight (vampire - year 1967 & 2100 AD)
  • Larcen Tyler (gangster/ex-cat burglar - year 1920 AD)
  • Xavier Pendragon (warlock - year 1692 AD)
  • Jetta Maxx (circus performer/acrobat - year 1899 AD)
  • Jonathan Blade (futuristic bounty hunter - year 2030 AD)
  • RAX Coswell (cyborg fighter - year 2345 AD)
  • Ramses III (pharaoh - year 151 BC)
  • Riptide (pirate - year 1566 AD)
  • Raven (voodoo priestess/healer - year 1802 AD)
  • Dawson (gambler/cowboy - year 1849 AD)

But what new characters will we expect? Like what times can they appear from?


We announced the first character Skinner Chen on the top post. More to come.


Yay for Larcen!


No. Skinner Chen. =)



But wonder what we’ll expect next?

  • Samurai (Japan - Sengoku, Meiji or Edo period)
  • Knight


Other eras / character archetypes not used yet:

  • Some sort of Victorian age character that uses steampunk tech / clockwork tech.
  • Ancient middle eastern fighter that uses things like scimitars and chakrams.
  • Gladiator from ancient Rome (unless you think Trident fits that bill).
  • Scottish highlander type warrior.
  • Viking


characters I would like to see:

  • A knight or an archer from the medieval era.
  • Viking
  • Samurai
  • A movie stuntman/actor

It would be interesting to see what other futuristic characters are represented.

  • What about a futuristic werewolf like Midknight is a vampire?
  • Another in the future, a mutant.
  • I just hope they add a fighter from our time who can act as their “Ryu”.


The next character was Kind of announced in the last update. Look deeper.


I like the idea of hints provided within the image.


Hmm…my guess based upon what was provided, maybe someone from the Palmyrene era?


What about a Canadian hockey player that moonlights as a lumberjack?