Ethernet problems

Needed a little help with some work related networking.

Recently laid down new ethernet cable for the bar that our family owns. Things go fine for a few days, then everything goes down because it seems a rat chewed through the wire (how the sneaky fucker gets in with all the traps I have no idea). So, instead of undoing all of our cabling, we decide to simply cut out the chewed off piece, crimp the ends, and use an extender to bridge the two together. Off course, now it seems that instead of getting 100mbps I’m only getting 10mbps from the router. Any ideas on why? The only other thing I suspect (other than the bridge job) is that the connection on the other end seems loose and wont lock in.

Sounds like it’s the extender, might be something else though.

Both ends have a male connector correct? I’d check the end that’s coming from the modem on your laptop directly then I’d check that same end going through the extender on your laptop.

It’s not a laptop, but a POS (Point Of Sale) station. The ethernet connects the upstairs POS to the downstairs one which has the main database.

EDIT: In any case, here are pics of the darned thing.

Ahh. I read router so I thought this was a general network question. I still think you should test the extender though. It seems like that is the thing most likely to be the culprit.

Looks pretty generic. That might be the problem. I’d find one rated for cat5 or cat6.

Ethrenet cables are pretty cheap online if you know where to look, you can get several feet for just a few dollars. Even 20 feet for like $14 on amazon.

I’d say replace the entire cable since the rat chewed through it.