Ethical Stick Modding

So, I’m thinking about swapping the art on my TE Fightstick. I couldn’t draw something myself if my life depended on it. I was just wondering what the rules are, written or otherwise, on using other peoples art. Say, taking something from Deviant and resizing it, or taking official art and shopping it. What’s illegal and what’s frowned upon?

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Let me help you out…
any art on the internet is debatable as to what you can do with.
you could give the person credit and or ask for permission to use art. Most wouldn’t mind seeing their art manipulated.
Legally in states as to copywright material : if manipulated enough or something it becomes your art… to an extent. something I learned in photoshop class.

Hah! I guess asking permission solves everything. :razz:

Thanks for the quick answer, friend.

Some things might be frowned upon but if it’s for personal use, no one is going to sue you so just do whatever you want. Most likely people will be happy if you give them credits. On the other hand, if you’re going to be selling the designs, thats a whole different story.

this reply is pretty much on the money.

Also learn to read the Creative Commons symbols(there’s a whole website, just google it) – some of them specifically state “no derivative works”, which means that the artist doesn’t want you to take it and use it for whatever purposes.

I frown upon people taking other peoples work on DA, some guy used that infamous ‘rat’ face Chunli on their stick and I spoke up because I knew who made that original work. I’m not doing anything about it , i just dont like it. Personally if I want to alter a surface with artwork and be proud to display it, it’s coming directly from myself and not other work. It’s like a “honour” thing i guess, this includes premade brushes.

If no source, its public domain, if there is a source, ask for permission, simple done. I always asked, everyone was glad for me to use their art. Some said no, I didn’t use it.

Oh lord I lol’d hard. That art is so overused.

Sadly I don’t think ArtGerm knows so many people abuse his/her work. She doesn’t even look that good in that one picture, the facial features/proportions is so fucking weird. I seen that Chun in like 2 other places; one on a stick rec’d and uploaded on youtube, and another one that was stolen and used to promote Evony’s front page. ArtGerm is pretty famous for that Pepper Project; that Pepper Love chick, seen it used a couple times off limits, sf4db, that youtube account uses that image.

Source? DeviantART.

I myself asked for permission from many deviant art users to use work for some minor portrait hacking for Smash Brawl, even if there is a download button.

@ op

no rules man, do what ever you like until something stops you.

Bad Ethics, bro. if you find something it on Google and it’s not from DeviantART, use it.

If it’s from DeviantART, ask for permission.