Etokki and inpin converters for ps2 pad

This is probably posted somewhere but do these two converters work perfectly fine? I have both and my L2 and R2 triggers have ridiculous lag sometimes on it and are unresponsive. Im wondering if its just my ps2 controller I bought or the converters.

Yes, the iNPiN is one of the best readily available converters on the market. The etokki converter IS the iNPiN.

However, since you’re in the converter market, don’t just take my word for it, check out the thread on converters: Converter Compatibility Thread

I’m pretty sure the “etokki converter” is the new Xbox 360 one eTokki supplies.

Oh, the xtokki converter. That is also a good quality converter. But again, check the thread I posted, it has the specifics of converter compatibility.