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Ok what’s the trick to getting a system to recognize the Omni stick? I got it to work on a PS3 and a 360 but have no idea how I did it other than tapping on the button on the front left of the stick.

The stick can be in either 360 or ps3 mode. To switch modes, hold the far left button on the front of the stick when you plug it in. So if you plug it into a ps3 and it doesn’t work, unplug it, hold that button, and plug it back in and you should be good.

Awesome. Thanks for the tip.

Hey is there any way for a Korean Stick to fit inside a TE?

Hi Laugh, I ordered a XTokki converter and paid for it through paypal. The status of my order hasn’t changed in 3 days could you give me an update? Order ID: 7648

Not unless you do some serious modification to the top panel and case, or you could get a custom top panel from

but you’d probably still need to do some work on the inside of the stick

<3 laugh

Would a extended plexi glass panel work?

if the extended plexi is designed to replace the metal plate you could do it.

Sanwa parts I ordered from your store arrived today and I’m already rocking them in my first ever stick. Thanks Laugh & co.!

hi laugh, i ordered the etokki 360converter, and im getting pretty noticeable input delay when using it, was just wondering if maybe its a compatibility problem? im running a custom mas with a psx analog pcb.

the xbox was on rca plugs and i tried both crt and hdtv, made no difference.

That Omni stick looks awesome. However, ever since I heard someone mentioned they preferred the feel of the Taeyoung in comparison to the Myoungshin, I’ve been looking to invest in one. Is there any chance to get one that comes with a Taeyoung?

Just received my 360 converter, will be testing it later tonight :slight_smile: I’ll keep you updated.

Can i use the etokki PS2 to 360 with a Mas Pro Stick Ps1 ps2 Dc? please answer me cause I really want to buy one of those sticks if I can use it with the 360

You should read up in this thread to see if anyone has used this combination yet.

I seem to be having a problem with my Omni. Sometimes when I plug it into my PS3 or Xbox 360 it is not recognized even if I hold down the turbo button, however if I hold the usb cable a certain way it will work. I am assuming the usb cable has gone bad. Would replacing it be difficult?

Its not difficult if you know how to solder, and you will need to resolder the connections. I would not recommend splicing the cable with a new one though, that will only cause further problems in the future.

I ordered a 360 converter and an inpin… Both work wonderfully. It’s a miracle my old pelican lasted that long. Thanks Laugh.

I read it and it doesn’t say if is or not compatible, does not mention to be incompatible

I fond this:Recommended PS&PS2 to 360 converter (Xtokki****360) by Tinybee: These converters, originally sold through Focalprice, are the best available option for PS2 to 360. They do not require an Xbox 360 controller for passthrough like the others listed below. They are also the only converter to feature a headset jack. They are sold by SRK member laugh. He is the recommended supplier because of Focalprice’s questionable shipping. Analog or Select + L3 for Guide.
Compatible with: PS1 Digital, PS1 DS, PS2 DS, HRAP Series, Namco, Tekken 5, MC Cthulhu, Mayflash PS2/PS3, Tekken 4, Fighting Stick PS, ASCII Stick 3
Incompatible with:
Reviews: kaioshade, DrgnAK

Hey, I used to play on a MAS stick and while I have no idea how consistent their PCBs where (i.e. did they use different ones at different times and/or different ones in their dual sticks) I can say that the MAS stick that I had was one of the most converter friendly sticks that I’ve owned working excellently with the Pelican PS2 to PS3 converter, inPin PS2 to PS3 converter, the older passthrough requiring PS2 to 360 converter that Laugh used to sell and the Xtokki PS2 to 360 converter.