Etokki iNPiN PS2 to PS3 Converter


Hey guys,

i bought the etokki inpin ps2 to ps3 converter awhile ago

when i tried it out on an FPS, the crosshair would move on its own after playing for about a minute,

I tried two dualshock 2s, the black and the silver one.

Does anyone know why it does this, and if it works normally on the other colored controllers ?



i started playing my first fps on ps3 recently, and i had this very same problem, i used a psone white dual shock.
you just got to wiggle the right analog stick quite hard for about five to ten seconds…

and it will sort it self out


it happens with my older ps pads when i use them, dont have that issue when i use my fairly new ps2 pad that i used to use only for fighters so the analog stick havent been used much at all.