eTokki Sanwa Arcade Stick - PC/360/PS3 -UK only


[LEFT]Compatibility: Xbox360, PS3, and PC native support. All the major platforms in a single package for ultimate convenience.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Case features: Universal mounting fixture compatible with all major joysticks. Flexible joystick/button combination for customization. Rubber feet for stability.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Custom art: The Omni comes with a clear plexi top panel, which makes custom art projects easier than ever.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Wiring: Ease of wiring with quick disconnects and snap-on connectors. No soldering needed to replace parts.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Joystick: Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK dark hai[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Face buttons: Sanwa OBSF-30 dark hai[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Back buttons: Sanwa OBSF-24 yellow[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Case color: Black[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Weight: 3.2kg[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Cable Length: 3m[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Selecting Xbox 360 / PS3 / PC[/LEFT]

[LEFT]When you unpack the Omni Arcade Stick, it will be in either Xbox360 mode or PS3 mode. This means that when it is first switched on it will expect to be used with one of the two systems but not both. To use the Omni Arcade Stick with on the other system, simply hold down the Turbo button (left most yellow button on the back) when you connect the Omni Arcade Stick to your console or PC. This will change the default mode of the Omni Arcade Stick. If you wish to change the default mode of Omni Arcade Stick again, then simply repeat the process by holding down the Turbo button whilst plugging into the console.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]£145 or nearest offer, got stung bad with customs with this so trying to get the best price.[/LEFT]


Reason for sale?


Jacking in fighting games, need to level up in life. Can do pics if needed.