Etokki - Web Store (Korean & Japanese Parts, New Sticks, Converters + MORE)!



Awesome new web store with a ton of great products.

  • Korean arcade parts (Crown, Myoungshin)
  • Japanese arcade parts (Sanwa JLF, pushbuttons)
  • Converters (Highly regarded** inpin** and Xconverter 360)

Awesome new products like the PS3/360 arcade stick, the Paewang Revolution:


Loving the web store.






any chance of a shot of the innards?


Thanks a lot, Mark!

I created the shop to better serve the needs of the communities, and I hope to continue to bring a lot more goodies and services in the future.

Although I tested the website as much as I can before making it public, there still might be some things to iron out. I will be monitoring all of your feedback and input as frequently as humanly possible and make changes if the need be. :slight_smile:

I’m taking more photos even as I type and will be updating with more products throughout this week and next, so stay tuned!


i wonder how much is shipping i didnt feel like signing up atm mark wouldn’t have that but idk he does have everything :slight_smile:


Store looks great laugh, I will probably be placing an order for a Fanta and a few buttons for a Tekken stick I’m thinking about making.

And chance you’ll be stocking stuff from


o its laugh’s site cool i brought stuff of him b4 and never had a problem hey laugh around how much will the shipping be to ship the sticks to the us?


I should be able to get some shots of the inside before today’s over. :wink:

Thanks a lot for the kind words, NAP. I am definitely looking into supplying products if there’s demand.

It depends on the method of shipping, but it should be under $20 for one stick if you get it through Airmail.


Nice! I’ve been meaning to buy some Korean parts but have never done so. Good idea!


I brought stuff from Laugh before. 100% satisfy. Now I can get my hand on that Joytron stick, sweet.


Hey awesome store! And you ship to Kuwait! Excellent!

I just sent some questions through your website inquiry form.

Oh and I love that java code when you add something to the cart.



After thorough testing on both PS3 and Xbox 360, I can confidently say that they work flawlessly on both systems. It doesn’t have any lag, no dropped inputs, and just works like it should on both systems. It has a very solid PCB, and I’ll be replacing the PCB in my personal stick that I take with me to tournaments with the PCB from Paewang Revolution.

I took some photos of the inside of the Paewang Revolution, and I have more good news. The PCB follows the same general layout as the previous variations, and it is completely common ground! Below are some of the photos I took today of the inside.

The SMART SLIM USB controller for the PC that’ll be included with the first 10 Paewang Revolution orders are also compatible on the PS3. They have slightly different button layout for the 4 face buttons, but it’s nothing that can’t be worked around with simple button configuration.

Canto - Everything you asked in the inquiry can be done/provided through the shop.


This is very cool.
Thank you laugh.

Common Ground and both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.
Cleaner PCB than previous Mayflash.

Got to get one of these.


Goddammit the shipping kills it for me… ;_;


damn… you should see if you can get them to just make pcb’s for you to sell laugh.

btw… just throwing this out there (since im probably not the only one curious). If i were to order one of those sticks, but i really didnt care about the stick, and just wanted the PCB. could there be a deal worked out for you to just ship the PCB? Like Hente said, i think shipping is going to kill a lot of deals. Just for the SRK community of course :slight_smile:


thanks for the innards shots Laugh!
i wonder how difficult it would be to gut the pcb and connect it up to a SE stick


Is it weird to be considering buying 5-6 of the sticks just for the PCB? Looks at the 7 foot tall pile of arcade sticks in the corner of his living room I’d better sleep on this…


It’s not feasible for me to just take out the PCB at a separate price and sell bits and pieces of the remainder. However, if you guys just want me to take out the PCB from the full stick to save on shipping, I can definitely do that especially since the PCB comes off nice easy in few minutes.

In that case, would you guys like for me to add a new product entry for ordering just the PCB out of Paewang Revolution at the same price as the regular Paewang Revolution but with much smaller weight, so that the shipping would be calculated accordingly.

Anytime! I’m one of the few people that have the access to it right now, so I just helped out where I can.

I don’t think replacing the PCB in an SE would be very hard with this one. I would say it takes 30 minutes to an hour tops.


Considering the price of a 360 pad and a Chimp, Your suggestion is quite a viable product. The price is quite fair, and the PCB would be much easier to hack. That route is definitely a good option for us.


I second this. We save on shipping and left-over parts while still getting exactly what we’re trying to get. I’m sure no one is getting this stick to play on it in stock form…waste of a great PCB :stuck_out_tongue:


As long as the PCB’s aren’t blocked by Microsoft in their next security update, then keep the purchase of a PCB as an alternate option.

Not sure what you’ll do with all those empty cases, though. The stock parts are too horrible to sell on.