Etrium Tournaments

:lol: Game-Zone Recreation:tup: has been helping and promoting
Etrium the best gaming venue ever. Now they have their own thread.
Please go to the
"The Etrium Events | East Bay" thread for their events.
Also check out their NEW and IMPROVED website:
The Etrium | Gaming District

For Game-Zone Recreation:tup: events go to our thread:
Our website:
Game-Zone Recreation (Game-Zone Recreation Website)

Address for Etrium:
3101 Whipple Rd suite #23
Union City, CA, 94587


Oh neat, it’s at 8pm. Guess I can make it out to this one after all.

anybody want me to pick up some pizza box, gonna drive past it on the way there + it’s deliciousss. if I get like three people to put in we can get a king kong or somethin

I’ll be there…should be fun! No doubt they have the best setup in the Bay Area.

Are console tournaments these days bring your own pad or stick? I don’t have an X360 or PS3 so are those things provided if you dont have your own? I’m thinkin about entering this since I’ll be pretty close by.

It is bring your controller…but I’m sure if you ask nice enough to borrow someone’s they will let you. Plus they have pads there for you to use if your comfortable with that.

yo if any1 is going out to this from modesto/stockton area get at me asap

need a ride and will have gas loot and shit ill prob pay your venue fee too

510 921 6972 get at me

how long will the event go on for?

no asus monitors cant conform any lag tho

I’m as comfortable with the X360 pad as anyone could be, so that’s fine, PS3 one is definitely better though, but I’m not complaining wutsoever. Thanks for the reply cuzzin.

:lol: The venue is open till 12am but I doubt the tournament will run all the way till then. If so the tournament will definitely finish regaurdless :cool:

:lol: Hope to see you guys there tomorrow :cool:

mr moe wifi confirmed

but aye batman bruh can u waive the venue fee for my cousin cause well hes probably not gonna play any video games


shit actually im not sure cause i forgot its at night damn aha

ill prob just go by myself then

:lol: o ok hope to you there :cool:

:lol: Thanks everyone that came out. It was good meeting some people in person. GGs everyone.
Results for top three:

  1. Sleazoid
  2. Aros
  3. Like Yeah XB

Full/detailed results will be put up Tuesday.
Also we’ll have a Super Street Fighter 4 tournament this Saturday at 8pm.
Also we have MvC3 and Super SF4 sessions every Tuesday starting at 6pm. Check the “GZR Nights! MARVEL VS CAPCOM 3 & SSF4 (Tuesdays 6pm-10pm) 94587!!!” Thread for the sessions.

sorry about not sticking around after the tournament, was feeling a bit under the weather (had to call in sick today and spent most of the day in bed)

ggs to everyone. I hope penguinboy and his friend make it out to more tournaments, I like your Phoenix and would def enjoy playing some more offline matches… at the KS2 event :party:

dunno if I can make it out next week, already requested the 2nd off and I don’t think my bosses would appreciate me taking two sats off in a row lol

:lol: Its cool. I’m glad you came and enjoyed yourself. :cool:

:lol: only two days away. Working on the next date for marvel also. :cool:

:lol: Also if u guys are interested there is a halo reach tourny march 25 and black ops tourny on march 26 both at 8pm. :cool:

:lol: The tournament starts at 8pm tonight but you guys are more then welcome to come a little earlier for casuals :cool: