EU - 360 - Ultra Street Fighter 4 - 03/06/14?


Due to the world hating Europe and us getting extra delays coupled with MS usually pushing updates on Tuesday followed by DLC content on Wednesday (If I remember correctly) has there been any concrete statements that we’re getting USF4 today and not tomorrow?


no idea ,it should be coming out today on xbox because dlc of cod is coming out today


It’s sad that Eu can’t get the preorder costumes and gets even less info on the release date/time than US (which seems to be in a information blackout as it is). Microsoft/Sony/Capcom should really improve their information flow :stuck_out_tongue:


Its here, here’s the download link.


oh wow, is it out already on EU O_O


I’m as shocked as anyone, however annoyingly I’ve only got a few hours before work and its downloading frustratingly SLOW… I say this I’m 25% the way through in 5 mins but my internet would usually blitz through this ha.


Also as a note, yes the title update is there too.


Downloading it right now :slight_smile: I thought that the release for xbox upgrade would be tomorrow, but if we can buy it already i guess we can also play it after download. Hugo lab, here i come!