[EU] Buying a FS - options

Really? Even though I’m considering getting a used one or buying some cheaper ones and upgrading them along the road?

Well there is that, the chance of upgrading down along the road, you might want to research the stick before buying and see if modding is a option.

Yeah really thanks buddy…

Thinkg about it now, if you dont mind upgrading later I was told the May flash v2 stick is something to look into.

I did, my whole point 3 was to get recommendations for sticks that are easily modable. Then you tell me to do research about which sticks are moddable…

Anyway I might have to go for that model if I don’t get that used TE.

Cthulhu forbid you do any potential “research”. Why would you when you could just create a new topic and get answers from random people that may or may not have your answers?
Basically: Your whole point 3 was invalid from wanting recommendations to asking how to mod. You have an entire list of almost every stick on the market and how easy they are to mod from both parts and PCB standpoint with links to any individual or official threads those sticks may have in 1 sticky topic.

For Cthulhu’s sake READ THE STICKY TOPICS!

On the topic of buying a stick in the EU…where the hell can I even GET a stick in the EU? Everywhere either seems stripped of all of their stock or not selling in the first place. Some sellers are doing overseas imports but that’s so expensive it automatically invalidates itself as a potential option,

For overseas shipping: In the long run if you aren’t willing to pay for the shipping, you are up shit creak without a paddle.

When you’re paying upwards of £50 for shipping and then customs prices just to get an arcade stick? You’d have to be fucking crazy. That’s going to be around £300 on an arcade stick, which would be something in the £450 region.

Fuck. That. I’m not strapped for cash but neither am I willing to spend a small fortune on imports, the lack of options right now is bewildering, Madcatz and Hori are missing sales opportunities. At least Hori are selling via Amazon in small quantities.

Blame the eu for being ultra antagonistic towards businesses with asinine tax schemes.

Its your government, not mine. When I got my Hrap V4 Hayabusa from Play Asia, it was approx $150 USD plus $56 Overseas Shipping via Fed Ex.

My stick from Eightarc only incurred about £30 import duty.

Edit: also arcadeworlduk has Q4s for £119.99.

I’ll go and speak to my government directly then. Kappa.

It’d just be nice for the market in the EU to be covered as heavily as the US and Jap markets. It’s also just occurred to me I completely forgot to add “Next-gen” onto my first comment, I was phone browsing at the time.

My point was on next-gen arcade sticks, regular previous gen sticks are quite easy to come across.

Yeah my mistake, I was referring to PS4/XBOne sticks. Those are what are hard to come across, my fault.

Arcade World UK and Amazon have a plentiful amount of previous gen sticks, and Qanba’s 3in1 make them pretty damn good.


I’m new to the fighting games and had same problem as OP, being from Eastern Europe. Solution I made is to order a ZD arcade kit from eBay. There are options with Sanwa parts, no soldering required, it’s around 50usd.
For case, just hack together whatever, there are many ideas here in forum

There’s always the option of modding any existing stick you have to work on Xbone or PS4, and it will cost a fraction of what it would to get a new one. Even if you have to hire a modder to do it for you.

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In reference to me? I literally just shortened the word Japanese. I’m as ignorant as hell, but heck that seems overly PC.

I’m really interested in this, pad-hacking looks rather difficult though and I’m unsure where to start. When it gets down to PCB tinkering I really just get lost in the process.

It’s still considered a derogatory term in most parts of the world (especially those affected by the Pacific War in WW2). I have some Japanese friends and I’m sure they’ve be offended if I used the term.

Well whoops. Never knew shortened terms were considered derogatory, I thought it was the same as Brit, or Yank. We’re getting away from the original topic anyway.

Yank is used as a derogatory term sometimes but nobody here really cares. Or at least nobody that I’ve ever met that is.