EU Commission Proposes Gov ID to access Social Media


The idea has been presented by Andrus Ansip, Vice President for the Digital Single Market on the European Commission. Mr Ansip is from Estonia, where they currently have a highly-developed national ID card system



Safe spaces for every SJW.


Requiring all EU internet users to log into their government ID in order to use the internet means an extra hassle which could encourage Crucades to post less.

I approve.


Brexit :coffee:


This won’t effect the use of forums because they’re not social media sites, and there are millions of forums that make it harder to track.

It would be really ironic if 4chan (and pretty soon, 8ch) implemented this system for the Euro users. Their ID creates a permanently generated tripcode, a secure one to boot.


It’s all about control.

What’s stupid about this is how easy it would be for hackers and “thought criminals” to beat this. It’s just a hassle for normal folks.

Just more draconian BS. Big brother is watching.


thinks internet was a bad thing, wants to restrict the voices of others

confirmed muslim terrorist


I find it hillarious that Americans say stupid shit like, we should be more like europe and everybody else. Especially when all that crap comes with shit like this. LOFL


Maybe it’ll get more attention with two babes discussing it:


It would be more interesting to me if the scheme was to get rid of social media sites entirely.

Facebook, twitter…etc are all shit and deserve to be erased from the internet almost as much as furries.


Considering I don’t use social media as is…I could care less what they do…


Could not.

Could not care less.

And fuck “safe spaces”.

If grammar has to put up with the internet “as is”, then tie-dyed tumblr-inas can too.


It’s not a EU ID it’s a world ID. Too much unsorted data by SIGINT. Having everyone on the planet with a unique ID would make maintaining data on everyone much easier than running data on multiple email addresses, Facebook accounts, IP addresses that shift due to DHCP, phones, etc.

5 eyes have been pushing for this for years. By the way, the laws regarding the privacy of your own country are easily bypassed by having at least two countries. Country 1 farms data on Country 2 and Country 2 farms data on Country 1 and then both countries exchange information.

Identify fraud becomes a larger issue and if the data somehow gets leaked that has everyone’s email addresses, passwords, bank accounts, etc, a third party could seriously do some large scale damage.

Windows 10 already makes it easier by sending all your passwords and account info. They even do this for your Wi-Fi credentials in the open.

Most documents that Snowden released almost no one bothered to even read.

But hey, who cares about privacy as long as you get something for “free” right? If you got nothing to hide then what’s wrong with walking with a large number on your forehead and having your GPS location constantly recorded by your phone and sent for the purposes of security.


I’m alright with this.


And nobody is suprised as well.


EU countries don’t really have freedom of speech laws like we do. What are you gonna do? They also have laws about what you say on social media. UK, for example, it’s illegal to say racist shit on those platforms and there have already been convictions for it. That’s what their society wanted so that’s what they have.

I don’t want this in the US, tho, but I may have to revisit that stance if it’ll stop anonymous hatred spewed online. Be brave and stand behind what you say or shut the fuck up.


You made it sound like you are OK with it in general.

I cannot stand behind eliminating anonymity on the internet so that crybabies who cannot differentiate reality from virtual spaces won’t feel bad.

Is there a situation where it would help? I can think of several, but the risk vs reward isn’t worth it.


Anonymity is overrated except for very specific situations, such as whistle-blowing to a newspaper, dangerous testimony in court, and a few others. Online, anonymity has made hatred and resentment fester. A way to root that nonsense is to make people post as who they are. Privacy rights don’t apply when you’re using it to harass people.


Online harassing isn’t of real consequence when it involves text messages. If this was to stop the spreading of private information to harass people in real life, which is illegal already, then it would be different


Nicely put Pedo but in regards to this law proposal I honestly couldnt care less. Imo people should be brought to task for their actions and am very against hate speech. Like you guys have those westboro clowns we got radical morons shouting hate, you hear about the Muslims ofc because the man wants you too but you dont hear about the real fucking problem like the orange order or these defence league fanatics, dudes that are thugging people up and organising chaos on facebook.

I keep my racist silliness here on SRK and usually within earshot of Jimmy, if am saying shit like god bless the KKK on facebook and nothing happens, Id honestly be disappointed. Talk shit in real life and take a punch to the mouth, talk shit in cyberspace and zomg cant touch me muh freedoms! Naw. Needs to be a consequence to all manner of dumb shit imo.

Now the real point of this isnt to let some SJW fuck call the cops on you when you curbstomp em for bullshit, it is to do with protecting online consumerism :rofl:

I dunno about that, people pay for things the price they deem worth it, if you dont research or know what your getting then you got yourself to blame if you get ripped of cause of bad reviews. Since personal liberties are being eroded at pace all over the world and Big Brother has his hooks in so deep there is no way back… meh, just another step towards the inevitable day we are all truly numbers.