EU ineligible for the Ultra pre-order DLC?


This is just something I noticed the last few days, that the pre-order DLC seems to only be in the US. Sure, Europe might get access to it within the next few days before launch but something tells me that we’re just going to be overlooked entirely. Just seems weird that in the days leading up to Ultra, the only news we get is “Pre-order off American PSN store!” or “Visit American Gamestops for 360 codes!”. Seems rather crappy that Europe may end up being left in the dark on this one.


People are being quiet about it in the hopes it will “pass over”, atleast Capcom is seemingly sticking their heads in the sands. I honestly don’t care fo the extra costumes but it is still annoying to continue to be ignored by publisher/developers. Gamestop are the biggest douchebags that take away the chances of pre-ordering certain things in the EU for multiple games, mainly for xbox.


While I know the costumes aren’t super necessary, it just would be nice to have that choice is all. Pirate Poison would be a good alternative for me as I intend to main her, though the alts for everyone but Hugo are nice too (prefer standard Hugo).


Combofiend responded to one comment saying they’re looking into it. The only thing we can do now is wait.


There’s nothing Capcom can do except put the DLC up on XBLA. Gamestop only sells DLC in the U.S… Heck, even Canada is getting shafted by this stupid pre-order garbage.


This sucks. And I was to buy the DLC on then something get to my mind to double check on srk. Thanks guys.


What happens if I pre-order the american digital version with an american PSN account to upgrade a european digital copy of super street fighter 4?


I was hoping to get the costumes, but the PC version might not even be getting them regardless.


Hm… I wonder if the PC will actually have the chance


If they don’t fix it in time a fair and simple way to solve the problem will be just made the Ultra Characters costume pack free for the first 24-48 hours


Fat chance.


Seems fair, extending the window for the extra costumes for anyone who bought the game in the first day or so. It is a big mess as ALOT of countries don’t have gamestop and/or don’t live in USA


Im wonderin the same thing…


Game and update regions need to match.


Would America and Canada qualify as the same region? Yes, I know they’re geographically separate. But both versions are NTSC and I assume that the copies sold in the US are the same ones sold in Canada. Anyone have insight into this? :slight_smile:


I have a question here as well.
I live in japan and I have an american account playing on it, will I be able to download ultra and play it even thou I’m here. Will the ps3 check that my ip is in japan and deny my dlc?


So if you also have an american copy you can pre-order the american version


Didn’t feel like it needed its own thread and it is costume related; is there any way to get a SFxT save on 360 without the game in order to get the costumes for Ultra?


Still nothing in PSN-store. Is everything alright? Isn’t this supposed to be released in… 8 hours?


Well, there goes any chance of me playing as Tribal Elena.

Come on SCEE, you’re supposed to be the gdlk one!