EU PC Street Fighter x Tekken lobby


in a desperate attempt to get people off the ranked and actually play with somebody, i am doing a stream of endless lobby. hope somebody joins.
it will not be 24/7 but i’ll try to stream everyday between from 11:00 to midnight or so (gmt +1)

stream link:
auto-announce when i go live:


I’m in his lobby right now. It may be based on teleport randomness but it’s still fun and we had good matches


Hahaha i just found out this thread by accident! ggs Rean. You too Jokyu nice play!


looks like all the good players hang on SRK one way on another.
good games indeed :>


I wish people would play Scramble mode also. I find it fun.

People only wants points from Ranked matches and they dont care if we have to wait between each matches.


Sweet i’ll check it out if you keep running it, just post in here the time.


Lol, Rean…the UK flag didn’t work good enough for ya? :smiley:

Though I am kinda interested how the lagfest looks from an observer’s eye. Sure, I’ll take a look.


for those who use twitter - auto-announce when i go live
and ye, stream is live again :>


yeah, keep it up! I’ll join when I get back home from work


i’ll be watching EVO later on


Got squashed.

At least I’ve seen the potential of this partnership. I guess I’ll stick it out with Juri for now. :smiley:

And I think I understand Rean’s plight regarding the laggy connections. -_-

I wish I could watch the streams if it wasn’t 40+ minutes long, and KeepVid is not capable of saving them. :frowning:

If you know of any other web-based video stream downloader please let me know. :slight_smile:


Ok I’ve opened a scramble lobby if you guys want to join.


Not an EU player myself, but followed and 'll try to re-tweet when I can. :slight_smile:


going live, evo has boring mahvel :<
i wish they’d rather stream sfxt