EU Super Street Fighter IV Matchmaking Thread

So I figure I’ll make this thread, as the official Matchmaking thread seems to have many people based in the US.

So hopefully this will allow EU players to get together and play with stable connections.

I would like to meet new people and to train/spar with people in the EU (can make use in a bit of help in developing new character selection), so here’s the format:

GT: K1DYung
Location: UK, Scotland
Availability: Sun - Tues. Some nights after 7pm or 8pm
Main: Abel & Juri

Thanks guys!

Awesome i like this one.

GT: EagleGeo231
**Lokation: **Sweden, Östergötland (sorry about those mysterious “o” with dots over them)
**Availability: **Almost always after 16pm during weekdays and all weekends when i feel like it
**Main: **Ken/Guy

Oh yeah I’m pretty new at this game so go easy on me ^^

GT: i B u n t a
Location: UK, Lancaster
Availability: Most of the time
Main: Chun,Dee Jay

Really need someone to have friendly matches with and someone I can talk about the game with

GT: Sharpshoulderz
Location: Birmingham, UK
Availability: Mostly every day since it’s the school holidays.
Main: M.Bison

You guys should sign up on my XBL ranking battle site its mainly gonna be UK people anyways

GT: ASG Turtleing
Location: Leicester
Availability: Evenings
Main: Seth/Yun

Done :slight_smile:

GT: Baldier
Location: Denmark
Availability: Trying to be online as much as i can ( need the training xD )
Main: Dudley & Sagat

Add me, and we will do a friendly match

**GT: **Lucas skywalkin
Location: UK, London
Availability: Most of the time
Main: Akuma

Just starting out, would love some games, skill level doesn’t matter!

GT: Moel666
Location: UK South West Bristol
Availability: most of the time
Main: Balrog. Although i like to use others just for fun such as ryu sagat guile

Pretty sure iv seen some of these gamer tags on xbl :slight_smile:

GT: HxC Edgy
Location: Doncaster, South Yorkshire
Availability: Mon - Sun 6 p.m to 3 a.m
Main: Cammy

**GT: **rFortitudo
Location: Stockholm - Sweden
**Availability: **Nighttime
**Main: **Bison

Still learning super 4 :slight_smile: I’m converting from ST/HDR to this game…and…It’s 1 huge leap.
Have a good one , later !

GT: Xiaho
Location: Scotland
Availability: Random, usually nighttime.
Main: Ibuki, Rufus

GT: LethalBlaze K
Location: England
**Availability: **Weekdays after 5pm sometimes, usually weekends
**Main: **Ryu,Seth

GT: ZOmBie83mAniAc
Location: Italy
Availability: Random,usually night time
Main: Guy