Eugene, OR

yo, I made a thread a while back about Eugene. I’m a SSB:M player, but I’m looking to really get into CvS2 and other fighting games. Anybody around here? I’d be down to play pretty much anytime xD!

Also, I might be interested in going to Evo2k8… ;]

Yeah I live in Eugene. I pretty much only play marvel. There’s a couple other I know that are into 3s and cvs2 and KOF. I don’t know about Smash though.

smush bruddah’s is everywhere >.>

oh cool. we should get together and play some fighting games. i don’t care about finding smash players cause I pretty much know them all already. I just want to find cvs2 or third strike players, and who knows, maybe I can get into marvel? xD

aim me sometime at MrFlarfy22, or PM your aim or number to me.

portland’s cvs2 is invincible.
notify everyone if you ever come up and we can cvs2.

Yes the cvs2 TRiad to 2Strong in Portland.

hilarious. Samb’s rep goes from dying in a fire to striving for the best. I still don’t understand how that system works.:wtf:

It’s magic, clearly.

'Sup bart.

Just gave Sam another 75,956 rep, too. Moar magic, eh?

Jamie Fry is the reason I have any rep at all. Thanks Jamie.

Lol. Naw, you got plenty for all you’ve done for the scene recently, I’m sure. The only reason the PNW Majors are shaping up so well is you. Thanks for almost single-handedly organizing what’s looking to be an amazing tourney that has great players from around the country returning to seattle for the first time in years, Brent.

haha. My guess is since Zach is a mod he has some control in the rep department. I looked at Jamie’s rep and it said “Kuenai is a rep God.” Oh nevermind. I guess it just means that Jamie has alot of rep. It was still funny to think of it like he gives out mad rep and got that slogan for it.

Zach actually has less rep than me, but that’s because there’s a “circle jerk” thread in the premium forums :rofl: Only the supermods (MrWizard, FMJaguar, etc)
have total control over rep. Wiz can destroy anybody on the forums with a single shot. Zach is just mod in the NW forums. All his rep is earned through his contributions to the Marvel community and all that he’s done for this site and its members.

Basically, all the premium members rep each other constantly, so rep doesn’t mean very much to the premium members. I just participate in the circle jerk so i can boost the rep of people who make worthy posts or actions. Or destroy those that troll, etc. I’ve put Dark Prince in the red twice now (out of his five or six SRK incarnations)

Yeah, but does it do anything?

I mean, in all honesty… what’s the point?

Not much. It does kinda give an idea as to whether or not someone is a terrible poster or something. People who are in the red are there for a reason, let’s just leave it at that. We’ve derailed the thread enough.

Where is Eugene compared to Portland?

It’s like… an hour, hour.5 drive southish I think.

i did it in 75 mins a few times but its 100 miles south

>_< Daaayyuuummmm. That’s pretty far. I feel bad for Theo on Zach’s poker nights when he makes it out.

what the heck mac is a damn liar its more like 2 hours south of portland.

whoa, my thread got hijacked.

sup digi.

btw all, I don’t play Brawl, I play melee. :slight_smile:

taiga, let’s hang out man. always cool to meet new people, especially people who play fighting games.