Eugene, oregon


yo! i will be visiting eugene from the 9th to the 19th.
this is my first time visiting oregon and was wondering if anyone wants to get some games in and possibly show me around and show me whats up with the oregon herb


well its not really street fighter but the 11th and 12th is Hempstock in portland if your lookin to find some herb and shit i recommend there haha ill be down there


I think he’s looking to visit Eugene… for the Eugene herb.


He is visiting, plus he want’s to smoke.

What games do u play?


ok. hook it up with a ride?

i play ssf4 and cvs2.
i can also play st, 3s and marvel


Sounds like a visit to the Filthy Suite is in order!

Also, dude, you should definitely come out to retro games night at the bar this sunday, we’ll be playing all the NES, SNES, Genesis and Arcade classics, and I’m sure there will be bunches of that eugene green going around.


People do have ssf4 gatherings. I would love to play some marvel if you’re competent in that. I get back in town on Sunday.


ya we can play marvel but i probably wont be much competition. what else do you play?
anybody else out there in eugene?


yeah man. if you meet up with one of us, you’ll probably meet a few of us. took awhile to come out of the woodwork, but we’ve got people around.

and forget Marvel. I’d rather play 3S.


well lets get together! im down to play whatever but im probably on the same level
with 3s as i am with marvel. wheres all the cvs2 players?


We’re doing Retro Game Night tonight, check out the link and show up! Cheap drink and lots of people will be around. We’re also planning on sneaking off to the Filthy Suite afterwards for some SSF4 casuals.

Duh, here’s a link:!/event.php?eid=139345042775442

It’s at Mohawk Pub & Spirits in Springfield, starting up around 5.


ggs to everyone i met yesterday. i had a lot of fun and it was nice to meet
all of you awesome oregon ppl. hopefully we can get together again before i take off.

seth: i want the mirror match lol :china:


dude you’re inbox is full-my number is 543-0328 call me up


any one down to see [media=youtube]Yb2-VvF_aJI"[/media] tonight in portland? its gunna be good


Yo Jesse I challenge you to a dhalsim mirror. It’s gonna be UGLY! Hey I just called you and you’re not home. Be home.



ggs to all.

theo/jared: i need to super size my power ups to play against yous mains!