Eureka! New Miles Edgeworth game announced!


Eureka! Ace Attorney Investigations 2 Announced // Siliconera

Hope they improve the Logic system or introduce some new investigation elements :rock:


Nice! Even though I’m playing part Phoenix Wright part 3 right now so I’m behind 2 games. :rofl: Love the series though. :tup:


Miles is the prosecutor correct?

And does he lie in order to get people jailed? If so that’s bogus


Dunno about lieing but he prosecutes and reveals crimes outside of the court.


Awesome, I was looking forward to a sequel to the Egdeworth game.


In the past he was accused of that, but he definitely doesn’t do that now.


I just finished the first Phoenix Wright game a few months ago. Barely started the second one.

I imagine if I played every game in the series I’d love it. It’s always fun to yell out HOLD IT!! and OBJECTION!! (or at least press the buttons to hear Phoenix say it for you)

damn, I think Imma go play some Phoenix Wright now.


Love this series. It’s great to hear there’s another game coming out. Once Ghost Trick was announced, I thought there wouldn’t be any more.


lol, I was just patiently waiting for a surprise reveal of a new game xD
One thing I hope they don’t mess up in the game is the music, the some of the music in G. Saiban 2 didn’t impress as much as the first game’s.

@sambo- Cool, try to make it to the 3rd game; that’s when you are introduced to one of the most badass characters in the series :cool:

Apollo Justice can be skipped IMO, I don’t think it holds high among most of the fanbase tho it does have some great music.


I liked Apollo Justice. Some of the animation was really good and the sprites looked very nice. The system where you have to find those little details in people’s behaviour was kinda cool too imo.
The last game was so awesome that you could actually walk around, in stead of only selecting the next area. I have to say though, to me the story didn’t really pick up until the last two chapters. I didn’t care much about what happened before that.
Still gonna buy this though.


Some more screenshots including the return of Kay =)
First Screenshots Of Ace Attorney Investigations 2 // Siliconera

Edit: Official Site online!

Ya know seeing the triad of Kay, Miles and Gumshoe kinda makes them look like
First game spoiler


the new Yatagarasu ;3


New Miles Edgeworth = more uses of Little Thief!!!

P.S., the return of Rhoda Teneiro…please?


Apollo Justice is good, I liked all the games except the 2nd one

It’ll be fun to play miles again


I can’t wait for this to come out.


[media=youtube]ZI25n96Wt50]YouTube - Ace Attorney Investigations 2/??? - Winter Trailer [Subbed[/media]
New trailer with subs, be forwarned of spoilers ;3
To heck with it gonna watch it X3