Euro 5 Results a3/3s


The tournament was in holland nuff people came from all over europe cuz thay wanted to go red light district and get laid.

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

1st kei (Makoto2/Elena2/Alex2/Ryu2/Urien3)
2nd Binus (Ken3/Urien3)
3rd Yellow Danger (Ken2-3/Chun-Li2)
4th BeatRice-girl player_ ryu2/Makoto1/yang1)
5th Dansan* (Alex2/Urien3/Ken3) , Subliminal UK (Ken3/Ryu?/Makoto2)(U.K.)
7th Kakarot (Ken3), Dragan(Ryu2)*
9th Harry (Yang1) (?), Zakuta (Chun-li2/Twelve1)(U.K.), Tetsuo (Ryu1), The Chef(Ryu1)* (U.K.)
13th Robbert(Hugo3/Oro1/Q1), chunkis(yang1/remy1/Oro3/twelve3/chun-li2/yun3/ryu1/ken3/akuma1) (ire.), Micha (Ryu2), Lennard (ken3)
17th The Great One(Ken1), GianL(chunli2), Madspunky(Remy2), bob2099(?), Harold(?), Geilerium (?)

final Jay kei vs Binus - (4-2)

Streetfighter alpha 3

1st chunkis (ire) v-sim/v-ryu/v-chun/v-akuma
2nd kakarot (hol) v-karin/v-ryu/v-akuma
3rd subliminal (uk) v-cody/a-gen/a-chun
4th bushin keybord player (hol) a-sim//x,v-rol/a,v-ryu/a-guy
5th chef (uk) x,v-ryu/a-chun
6th madspunky (hol) v-vega
7th jay-kei (hol) v-charlie
8th Geilerium hol a-akuma
9th Zakuta (uk)cammy, Lennard, bob2099, Stepz, Tetsuo, Binus, GianL, Harry

final chunkis vs kakarot (4-0)

Highlight for me in 3rd strike was BeatRICE girl dutch player kicking ass the whole tournament. Uk players had to leave soon after the tournament started as we had to get the coach home. Dutch have some really good 3s players and am sure thay will continue to get better and better. ggxx and sc2 where also played in the tournament.

In alpha 3 Bushin was the best player on the day for me, He was playing on keybord and his skills where amazing. I was 3-0 up and looking good, But he made a come back to 3-2 with a-sim versus my v-ryu.I then switched to v-chun to beat sim. kakarot vs sub was 4-3 finish with final game almost identical to b5 bas vs apoc kakarot playing v-akuma and sub playing a-chun very close and the best player came out on top.The final was bullshit akuma vs akuma cheap unblockable bullshit combos and tatics it really made a bad end to a good tournament .
Everyone played really bad with the exception of bushin. All the uk players went to red light but the tournament ended at 1am and when thay got to red light 4 hours later it was closed!!! Anyone for some hutt?


that’s right baby… 3s is coming back from the dead. wonders if beatrice got laid in the red light district…


Sigh, many people underestamate me :frowning: It’s okay… I train alot… It was a fun weekend. Played many fighting games especially Soul Caliber 2 and Tekken 4. And met so many cuuuuuute guys! XD~~~~~

I’m in love! But me dunt wanna rush ^_^;;


GOOD JOB! 2 beatrice 4 placing HIGH! *High 5 4 u :slight_smile:


lol Irish Bum Chunkis,

Yeah i’m still buzzing off the trip to Holland. Was nice to meet everyone and it was cool around.

Bit upset that you didn’t mention the Sub Vs. Chef 2nd round fight, that was one of the highlights for me. Given Chef’s UK ranking, but we know he was a bit rusty.

winkawaks 1.45 replay of the replay bewteen us:

I should have used my Gen or Zangief against Kakarot looking back, but i know for next time.

I’m happy with 5th in 3.3 and 3rd in A3.

Subliminal UK

BTW, this is a Final Burn Alpha 0.2.94 replay of Me Vs Kararot playing Alpha 3. Long but interesting.


Congrats to kis for A3 and Jay “Dogeater” Kei for 3s and GGXX. I’ll try to go to Euro 6 next year, but 2 tourneys in foreign countries two weeks in a row is a bit much for my bank account at the moment. :frowning:

See you guys in June hopefully!


beware ill eat ur dog


tru that homie…


Nice job beatrice. I wish i saw some match vids. :slight_smile:


falls of his chair Lmao hope we play again one day. Tournaments are great!. Don’t forget gianL he’s VERY good but he had to face sub in the first round. Better luck next time gianL
chunkis was very funny at the tournament. No one fucked with him he was king. Lol this kid got in chunkis way and chunkis just OTG’ed him:eek: