Euro online tournament (GFWL)


Hello guys,

I already posted a similar message in “challenge true”-thread but I’m just curious if people are interested about the idea. I’m not really good at hosting events since I don’t know how to handle brackets properly or anything. An online tournament would offer something different to endless/ranked matches though.

How about it? Anyone interested about organizing such a thing or playing in one? If you know of such tournaments already please do tell the rest of us.

(poll added)

edit : Oh man I messed up the poll, was supposed to add more options. Character lock yes/or etc. This is the reason why I’m totally the wrong person to organize anything. -_-


I would be interested in a PS3 version of this, if it happens count me in


ill join


there is allready a site for this kinda things :

i try as much as i can yo join these tournaments…they are fun as hell


Yup, I noticed the webpage myself as well. I’m definitely going to look out for any future tournaments and participate.


I had great fun in the last tournament.

I fought against a Swedish Guile (Too Easy or something was his name) and lost 1-2. He eventually took the whole tournament, beast of a player!

I would definitely recommend these for all of those who live in France, Germany, UK etc. Lots of players! The skill level varies but I was able to make it out of pools and made a little comeback in the losers bracket…so I bet a lot of you would do really well since I’m pretty average lol.


I keep forgetting about this! Guys some1 remind me! xD

I wanna do one of these torneys! :stuck_out_tongue:

I know tooezy hes on my fl hehe ive beat him with gief and dan somehow in some of our sesh’s xD

yeh his links are sexy :smiley:


nice site. made an account there couple minutes ago. the only event for pc players right now is ssf2t team tournament. does anyone know if the teams are made automatically? sadly I don’t know anyone who would participate.
edit: seems I need to give the names of my team members. ok… no tournament for me then.