Euro st scene?

Is there or has there been a st scene in europe?
Who are the big names?
Which country is it most popular(europe)?

There are some good UK players, but from my understanding at one time there used to be many more who played at a higher level than today.

You can hardly say that there is a “scene” in EU unless 5+ people is considered a scene :lol:

Also preferance for ST or HSF is different from country to country.

UK seems to use a lot of HSF. While France or Germany rather goes off to play ST or ST only mode in HSF.

From what I know, for many (including this writer) ST isnt even maingame. Side game for the fun off it or one of those games you played in your childhood.

I have to admit, ST nowadays is a lot stronger then like 5 years ago but still …

Other countries worth mentioning are Italy and some players from Belgium. Rest of EU I have no idea, knowledge off.


UK dropped ST in favor of HSF2. More accessibility at the end of the day. Loads of very good players. Most hang out at Casino Arcade in London on Friday evenings.

The French play ST by using only ST and SSF2 characters on HSF2, or so i’ve been told. Got some very good players too i believe.

Not sure about the rest of europe.

EDIT: Chun li: UK has a decent sizes scene at the moment. If we held a well advertised tournament for HSF2, i think we could get 40-50 players, or at very minimum of 30. Many of which ST/HSF2 is their main or one of their main games. HSF2 has the 3rd biggest scene in the UK atm, right behind tekken and 3s.

Sure the quality overall is no where near as high as the Japanese or the Americans, but we do have some select players which i think could easily hold their own against anyone in the world.

I lived in France for a year in '98 and there was a small ST scene… about 5 players in Paris played weekly … on sundays there was free play at the Sega arcade. Last time I visited (in November) none of them still played.

There’s a scene in Holland.

There’s an ST tournie september 8th and about 20 people already signed up.

Some UK folks might show up, though it was a little short notice.

Same for 3s. We have one big name .

Bruno, whoo beat Yamazaki93. He’s a french player that beat daigo. He also beat KX.

No, we play ST with CCC2.
Level is quite poor. The better players, for god only knows what reasons, don’t attend the ranbats ~ These ranbats gather around 20 people every 3 weeks, not so bad.
vids : videos of the last tournament are not up yet, they should be soon. Browse to the early pages to see vids of the first ranbat.