Looking for players to assist with improving my game, anyone up to it?

Not even one, thanks guise! ¬_¬

Go onto your Facebook account and search “3rd Strike UK”

That should connect you to the crowd that plays at Heart Of Gaming in London and some other UK players.

Thanks, appreciate it!

This guy avcepts mwtch goes into game eats a jump in for taunting and then disconnects. Evrry. Single. Time.

I would be interested in improving, sir-zztop psn or oloX ggpo, think I played you the other day chaos and you smashed me

Yes, I’ve done this plenty of times. 3.5mb broadband is hardly optimal for long distance matches with 0 delay. So rather than piss people off, or get pissed off myself with lag, I try to avoid this scenario.
If I find myself pressing B, Down, A repeatedly after starting a ranked search, I just start up and quit out so I can use the avoid player function to keep my search as clean as possible.
I generally try keep matches to a 40ms-60ms range, but there’s those guys who don’t restart their search after being paired up with the same yellow/orange/red ping match 5-10 times in succession.

I usually just play 3SOE when I’m too stoned to compete on GGPO, so the taunt is for the lulz.

Sure thing, you’d be better off playing against some of the better players though.
I’m usually online from 5.30pm-12am on weekdays, and most of the weekend, so let me know if you want to play.

That’s around the time I get in from work so sounds good, see you on there