Eurocup, SRK style!

If you’re like me, you really don’t care for football, or soccer as most of you would probably call it.
I have a plan to make it more interesting for the likes of us though. Let’s fuse soccer with some good old fighting games!

Let’s start this off with a classic:


[*EDIT: I’d like to point out that in all of these pictures, none of the players were moved and none of their poses were changed. I find interesting pictures in which I can see something from a FG, then I just add elements to them to make it work. If you wanna join in, that could be a rule. Though if you need to break it in order to create something awesome, go for it!

The best place to find stuff, in case you wanna join in on the fun:
It’s a flash site, so just print screen and import into PS, or whatever you like to use.

That is all*]

UPDATE: Added “original” links underneath every image, to show people hesitant of joining in, how little you have to do to convert soccer into a fighting game!

The thread that keeps on giving now gives you… this:


It’s not just Capcom, SNK is welcome too:


Holy shit this is fucking awesome. :tup:


HAHAHA awesome dude


HOLY SHIT!!! Loooooool

Do more! My charger for my laptop that has PS on it has broken, I can’t do shit with it now… =[

I’m using my brother in-law’s one right now…

You people and your demands!:wgrin:

Alright. How’s this? Chou Uppah! Douburu!


Feel free to contribute to this thread by posting images, btw. :woot:

All photos so far were taken from, and here btw.

Now I found this place, with a lot of pictures, so get your finger on that print screen button and fire up your photoshop!

First one from my new source. Try again, kid:


Holeeeee sheat…sommursalt for the win.


Taken right before he got another red card for his shenanigans.


Honda hates soccer!


Ref didn’t see it, Ryu didn’t do it.


LMAO this is will be a good thread.

Terry strikes again!


LOL good stuff


tagged…keep the fun going on

Stupid fans + stupid hair= stupid boss


We have Capcom vs SNK to thank for this one:



I wish I could rep you, gotta spread it around more but this shit is awesome. GOOD WORK

There’s no place for joke characters in the Eurocup!