Eurocup, SRK style!

Haha this is great :tup:

I hate to be a pseudo-mod, but please remove image tags when quoting images. :sweat:

Thanks, btw! All you guys! :tup: (Other people may join in too you know, just print screen some images from the last link I posted.)

In order to keep this thread alive, I’m afraid I had to kill someone


:tup::tup: Go bob!

Farewell Sweden!!

Honda returns!




You are a big fool, if you think you can mess with Gen!


give him long hair and a red ribbon for the win!

That’s exactly what it was missing! Thanks!

Get that bitch off the field! Sonic BOOM!


Haha, wtf?
I didn’t even see this one yet, because of the second page. Awesome!

The expression is what makes it great. :rofl:

(The main theme is still fighting games though. :sweat:)

Hehe yeh just wanted to do a send off for Sweden, will come up with one later.

lmao for some reason that reminds of Jackie Chan when he played chun li

Wow wow and wow.

Love this thread. Wish I had the time to learn that shit.

That’s absolutely brilliant! Well done, sir!

HarmoNaz: Just do one, dude! It’s in the ideas, not the execution.

This one and the vega slide are the best IMO.

Good shi’ Bob Sagat and good shi’ on that drill claw Furious. :cool:

Thanks Bob and Samasta!

Roma Flame!

I will never compliment you again!

lol sorry Adam!

I suck at doing hair, Bob how do you do yours so well?

Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie in RL! :looney: