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8/10 , seemed to lose marks mainly due to not being able to watch other players match’s in a lobby or save replays.


I’m pretty sure with an update they can fix that?

That would make this game EPIC than what it already is!


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When Marvel vs. Capcom 3 releases in just under two weeks, the game will not have spectator mode. Players in player matches with lobbies of up to 8 people will not be able to watch the game taking place as they wait their turn. This is said to be remedied in the very near future, but still. Another feature that players would and should expect is the ability to record and save videos of their matches. This ain?t happening. And this may or may not be remedied (ouch!).



it’s very fair score to be honest.
90% of the people who buy it will rely on online play, which turns out to be sub-par at best.

in times before online play it would probably gotten at least 9,5/10


hopefully spectator mode will be dlc,eh?!


Which seems rather contradictory, considering the fact that you aren’t limited to online, yet in the past you were limited to offline.


I can always use dazzle to record my matches from my TV, but spectator mode should have been there since day one. No complaints though. The game is fun and near perfect. Online can be fixed with time.


Spectator mode DLC for a low low price of $5.99!! BUY NOW!


no way they will charge for spectator mode… it will just be patched in


We can always wait for Super Marvel vs Capcom 3!



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