When I look over the bad games threaads here, I’m surprised (and a tad intimidated) by the endless tales of whingers, droppers, lag blamers, boasters, cheapos and outright gits. I’ve been playing on Kaillera for about a month now, and as a Brit, most of that has been on the app.-emu and hightech servers (both German). I have not yet played with a single person who has commited any of the crimes seen in the bad games thread, in fact my only inconvenience has been an annoying little emu dictator named Muluk* who shuts down any games he sees which are not on MAME (which, as Kawaks is the emu of choice in Europe, is a lot of games).

Now, I’d describe myself as an outright n00b, and I was expecting a torrent of abuse, mockery and derision from those who own me. Yet after a month, it does not come. Is this because bad Kai players are actually very rare, or is it because Europe just doesn’t have an many online bastards as the states? If so, this could partially blamed on people not being willing to hurl abuse in a second or third language, but it does match up with my experiences with other online games (predominatly guild wars) where nasty gits were very rare among the Eglish Euro servers compared to what I heard from US players. So is it just that German of nicer, or have I just still yet to meet the inevitable online ego-tripper?

First, there are more players on the US servers than on the european ones (from my experience), so mathematically you have more chances of running into an idiot on the US servers. Second, believe me that you can find the exact same morons in the european servers, doing the same things. You say that you are a noob, so I guess you don’ t win often, which may also explain why nobody has been an ass to you yet : most of the time it’s losing that pisses people off and make them act like 7 years old.

More people play on kaillera in europe than US Eishi. there are only a few US servers i ever see with quite a few people, mostly godweapon, sometimes scd and anti3d, but in europe there has got to be a good 10 servers which i see frequently populated, plus a dozen others which come and go. More people in europe than there is in the US, so its only logical. But there both nothing compared to the Asian servers.

Probably why your not experiencing the so called “hate” among kaillera is because your playing in german and other foreign servers, most players probably don’t understand english, or at least don’t know enough to start an e-fight. While in the American servers, your pretty much garunteed that everyone knows enough english to start an e-war.

Also Eishi’s right about the losing part, some people can’t stand to lose a game on kaillera for some reason. As an ST player i revel in the chance to play someone who can kick my butt at ST on kaillera, as they are few and far between. Playing someone better than you is probably the best way to learn playing the game. You get to see where your going wrong and learn stuff from someone more experienced than you. Also when you play them again in the future you can see how much you’ve improved. So i don’t really understand why someone would get upset by losing, only case i can think of is if you lose to someone who clearly isn’t better than you and they win by “lag tactics”. Well if you can’t stand the lag, don’t play them, no need to get abusive. Only other thing is autofire and macro users, there the only things i would think abuse is justified, but instead of wasting your time arguing with them, as they never admit it, just drop and play someone else.