Europe bulk order for Hayabusa + Kuro - Closed! Items delivered as of 7/5/2014


Edit: FreedomGundam is in the process of fulfilling the Canada order. This is now only open for Europe!

Ok, this isn’t ready to go yet. I’ve contacted Hori about buying more than 3 joysticks (the website won’t allow shipping of more than 3 sticks to me) and they said I can order as many as I want. I’m waiting for a reply about the shipping issue, and once it’s solved I am going to get this bulk order thing set.

Update: We’re ready to roll. Everyone who wants to order one get in on it while you can, I will most likely not put in another order like this again.
Update: Ordered on March 24, 2014
Update: Shipped on March 25, 2014
Update: Shipped to CupHost April 1, 2014

Here is how it will work.

I will put a list of up to 10 people who want a Hori stick. Reply to the thread and your name gets added to it. Once the list is full with 10 names I will close the order and private message my paypal address. Once I have shipping costs figured out, I will note how much each stick will cost and ask that you paypal me the money so I can put the order in. The bulk shipping from Hori to me to @FreedomGundam will be divided evenly between the 10 people buying the sticks. Each person will also have a set amount added to the order for the cost of FreedomGundam shipping to each individual person. If it’s $5 then that’s the extra cost on top.

So, the formula for the price is such:

Base cost of stick ($29)
+ shipping to me / 10

  • shipping to Cuphost / 10
  • shipping from Cuphost to you

Starting off with 10. If there is more demand, I can up the list count.

Cuphost will be handling the European side. Same formula that applies to FreedomGundam will apply to Cuphost.

Canada orders - DONE!


  1. @FreedomGundam : 1x
  2. @Lleg3nd : 1x
  3. @derukun‌ : 1x
  4. @Scrub Saibot : 3x
  5. @Chacaman : 1x


  1. FreedomGundam: 1x

European orders


  1. @CupHost : 1x
  2. @alainvey : 1x
  3. @Graymalkin : 1x
  4. @Gekko : 2x


Random (there won’t be a lot of this)

  1. @Nubert : Kuro 1x


So, pricing example.

Say the shipping to me is $20. That means (20 / 10 = 2) $2 adjustment to the price of the stick. If shipping from me to Freedom is (30 / 10 = 3) $30, that’s a $3 adjustment to the stick. If shipping from Freeom to you is $5, that means $5 adjustment to the stick. Total adjustment is $10, which puts the Hayabusa for you at $39.

Hayabusa: $29
Shipping to me: ($20 / 10) $2
Shipping to Freedom: ($30 / 10) $3
Shipping from Freedom: $5
Total: $39


I’m gonna start off the list myself with 1. :smiley:

Any way to get some Kuros in the order as well? I’d take a set of those too if I could.


$40 for a joystick? Is it worth it? Hm… pondering if I should get one or not.


Ditto. The only way I would get is if there are like 20+ others who want the stick, too.

Also, why does it have to ship to two different people and then to us?


Moonchilde probably lives in the States. After its initially shipped to him, he has to ship it to Freedom, who will then ship it out to the people in Canada who wanted a Hayabusa.


Put me down as #2.

I need more Hayabusa!!! :slight_smile:

Also did SRK forums just get the “WTF” button?


@derukun Well if you don’t have access to it then there is no other way. The extra costs is only because it takes extra work to get these. I am not going to be taking a cut at all, I’ll hopefully be breaking even.

Hopefully shipping costs won’t be high but if there ends up being 30 sticks ordered that means a higher shipping cost for higher weight.

Also, if you want more than 1 stick, please let me know.


If I can use sanwa balltops and dustwashers, count me in.


You can use almost anything JLF related on it.


Has b15 replied to the uk bulk order thread? I’m really interested in this and wouldn’t even mind stepping up and doing one for the uk.


Put me down. I want three of them.


@CupHost I didn’t see a reply yet. You want to do it?


@Moonchilde: Any possibility of sneaking in an order of Kuros in there as well? It could take up another (or extra?) “slot” for Hayabusas and cover for 1/N of the shipping costs as well.


I don’t really mind. As long as people are willing to pay for this stuff I’d be willing to add anything to the order.


@Moonchilde I dont mind doing it… Talk me through how i get the order in the beginning


Basically I send you a big box of Hori parts and you send them out to fellow Europeans.


thats fine put me down on the list and i’ll try to gather up other fellow europeans… might have some friends that wanna try it


If we can order other stuff then I want a white fighting edge.


LOL that would be significantly cost prohibitive for getting parts out there.