EUROPE: Marvel vs Capcom 3 (PSN)

With the seemingly dwindling European players on PSN for Marvel, coupled with the vastly troubled matchmaking mechanism when searching same region opponents, I figured it was time to create a thread for all us European Marvelholics on PSN…

Send those game/friend invites and let’s get to playing ! Hopefully with time and a decent turnout we can start hosting PSN Euro tournaments as well, but let’s first focus on the task at hand…

PSN ID:vasilios1821
Location: Greece

Ait, I’ll post. I hardly even touch the game though because of how barren it is. Feel free to add me just mention where you got my ID from though, thanks.

It’s a shame people don’t really look at this forums, I bet most people don’t even know it exists :shake:

PSN ID: southpaw_srk
Loc: Sweden

I suck at mvc3 and went back to ssf4. Could get the hang of how to punish or defend. I’ll jump in on endless battle

Ooh yea. PSN:BOT2K

Loc UK. :slight_smile:

Well, this is a better turnout than i actually anticipated, lol…I’ll be adding you guys once the network is up :sigh:

Any other europeaners playing Marvel lurking about ? Feel free to add yourselves kiddos !!!

add me:


I’m in england but its an american PS3 so dont be surpirsed with the flag.

Friend requests sent to everyone. To my pleasant surprise after playing marvel a few days ago, though the overall traffic online has fallen the number of european players is still strong, good to see ! Any other lurkers out there ? Feel free to add yourselves !

airbagtelex: My apologies, my younger cousins were over the past week and were exclusivley playing COD and i didn’t see your game invite until yesterday. Hope to catch you playing Marvel soon.


Dunno if I have space on my friends list but if I don’t, do message me. Also if I’m playing SSFIVAE or Blazblue, go ahead and message me if you want a game of Marvel.

PSN: Kruvolution
Location: UK

Erm, im still new to it/learning so don’t body me too hard :stuck_out_tongue:


I pretty much suck ass, but feel free to give me a game.