Europe scene : tournament and info

Hello SRK !

I’m Cuongster from France. Some players know me as a sponsored player when I did EVO and Canada Cup.

I signed up for SRK to make the link between US and Europe players. I’ll post about all the biggest tournaments in Europe so you can take a look at what’s going on there :slight_smile:

I’m a veteran in the Europe community so feel free to ask me about euro players and regular tournament if I can help you.

Here is the World Game Cup, the “major” in France :


Here is my twitter :!/WDMCuongster

PS : sorry if the post is not at the right forum.

Wow for real?? And just like that my winter holiday plans are sorted.

Besides SF, do you know which fighting games currently have a scene in Europe (and where?!)? Currently live in Switzerland and while atm I have no real interest in participating competitively, I very much like the idea of kicking back in a space with a group of folks that share the same interests as me.

The scene in Switzerland is pretty… little. Apart V-ryu and Fuma there’s no really any other player who plays competitively and they don’t have any tournament planned for the moment.

In Europe, we mainly play SF4 obv, UMVC3 and KOF13. 3.3 is also very popular in France especially in Paris.

UMVC3 is popular in Paris? That’s good enough for me - are there any particular hot spots or something which host events that I should look out for? (kinda like how there’s the Wednesday Night Fight thing in North America)

And yeah I figured as much there was no scene in Switzerland, much like how there’s nothing else over here lol. The most I’ve seen are a few side tournaments at a con…which is something I guess. Well, if by some miraculous chance you do hear about anything happening in Switzerland, I’d very much appreciate being the first to know. C:

Thanks a lot for this thread btw!

This is the first big tournament in Germany for AE 2012. Here is their announcement :

„Yoshinori Ono“, one of the most popular game producers of our time will come to our event and he has something awesome in his luggage! He will bring us the latest playable version of Street Fighter X Tekken!

We are also proud to announce that one of the strongest players of „Super Street Fighter4 : Arcade Edition“ will participate on our tournament. As the first Japanese player participating on a German tournament, „MCZ | Tokido“ will demonstrate his new skills in “Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition v2012”!!!


Here is the list of registered players for the WGC at Cannes :

You can find some japanese players there like Tokido, Mago and RF !

Nice to finally read something about Switzerland around here.

It’s like Switzerland’s a black hole when it comes to arcades, LANs and competitive games in general.
Sadly, the FIFA/CoD crowd is most dominant here.

Would be cool to play with some Swiss peeps.

I play AE on PC. Steam name: egloff4059. And UMvC3 on PS3: BrothergotWood. Hit me up if you’re available.


Here is the players selection for the Swiss team for WGC :

]**Easyman **(Ryu)
[*]****Stapcriss **(Gouken)
]**4K **(Sagat)


The first biggest SF4 tournament in Germany is live now !

Shadowloo Shodown has qualifiers for Europe ! It will take place in London and France at the World Game Cup !


I went to the Stuttgart event.

Was good shit. Friendly people, nice atmosphere and Ono walking around, smiling and handing out autographs.
And Tokidos hands are mad.

If you have any side match videos with Tokido or some funny photos with Ono, can you post it here please ?

This is great! SO there Are actual SSF players from EU! I knew you where out there somewhere ;). do you know if anything SF related going on in Denmark or maybe Scandinavia in general? … videogames

Trailer for the Get Rich Or Die Fighting (G.O.D) Tournament on March 17 2012 in Paris.Come fight the best players in Europe in this brand new event organized by WATCHDAMATCH and sponsored by CAPCOM and MADCATZ !Music: Skrillex - Kill Everybody


I don’t know for this country :frowning: but I’ll check for it and if I find something, I’ll let you know !

Thx man :slight_smile:

Hey Fellow Fighters, @mikester check this Link there is One in Sweden and One in Finnland noted Hello Cuongster you Fellow Hardedger :slight_smile:

hey im going to be in paris this summer are there any spots i can go to?

btw im from NYC and i mainly play UMVC3 but i also play some AE and SFxT.

I’ll be glad to take you to the 2 arcade center we have in Paris !

Let me know when you’ll be there !

I looking for a tournament scene myself (I am actually in Wiesbaden, Germany) The closest one I can find is the World Game Cup in Cannes de France, but that tournament is already done! I would stick to online battles, but… those are no where near as satisfying as being in a tournament. I could careless if I win or lose, as long me and everyone else involved are able to play to win and have their share of fun…