Europe - SFIV Live

I’m sure there are some ppl who wanna practice :slight_smile:

Add me on XBL -> GT: Chargi

I focused on Akuma and Vega, I’d be glad to meet some of you.

I am from U.K. Look forward to the games…currently training with Ryu

Im from the UK (northern ireland) currently an Akum player. Send me an add and im sure we can have a few games

I live in Barcelona, my main’s Sagat and would like to learn Dictator and Boxer when my sticks arrives.

I’m Irish and main Bison,feel free to add me(goes for anyone).

I’m from the UK and well I’ll play with anyone

gamertag: MC Tic Tac

I am from Spain.

Usually Guile, sometimes Gouki, Gouken, C.Viper or Dhalsim.

I am from Madrid, Spain.

Mainly Sakura and Claw.

Gamertag: IronRaiden

London here.

Maining Rose, but randomly switch to anything but a shoto when I’m having fun. :slight_smile:

Gamertag: Wufftype

I’m from London, I play Claw and my tag is dvav. I’ll send out some invites later today, feel free to add me anyone.

From the UK
Tag is Ultimate Pony
Using Honda, Dictator and Boxer - will go to other characters randomly.

Feel free to send a friends request and we’ll get some games in. :slight_smile:

I’m from the UK, use Guile, Ryu, Dan and Boxer
I’ll play anyone (:

Im from London, UK

Up for some games. Learning blanka as main. my Sakura’s basic but ok. plan on messing with some others.

Feel free to invite me.

I’ll probably get my arse reamed but i guess thats the only way to learn :slight_smile: (Around 1600bp to get an idea)

XBL=“ProfessorD 58th”

Im from Liverpool…

Main Chars - Zangief, Seth, Viper and Gouken.
Dont worry I wont spam Lariat…I use only to avoid projectiles and super/ultra :slight_smile:

Feel free to invite/add me…

Gamertag - Object0PS

I m from France/Paris.

Main Char : Focus on M.Bison(Dictator) right now but I will play another character like Abel
GamerTag : Daidonamu

Cya in game and Have Fun !


Hey :slight_smile:

I’m in Reading, England
Currently playing as Ken, not that good - will be happy for anyone to practice with!
Every match I play takes me closer to mastering Ken’s Play Style!

Add me, let’s have fun!

GT = DN3000

Hit me up for some games.

Characters… i can play with nearly all of the roster. Im doing a good job of refraining from playing as Ken :sweat:

Player here from Northern Ireland (UK) too, currently maining viper. GT is to the left.

UK scrub ^.^ Hope to have some good games to learn from :lovin:

UK Akuma player. I kind of suck at the moment in my opinion, but I’m always up for getting my arse kicked if it’ll teach me something. Hit me up.