European 3S players

3rd Strike players in europe

Anti-Girl - [Ireland]
Ramza126 - [Ireland]

Harmonaz - [UK]
Brutal-R - [UK]
Jinty - [UK]

Nocens - [Sweden]
Hookt - [Sweden]
Lowie Sue - [Sweden]

ESN - [France]
( _ ) P2P - [France]

Zementos - [Germany]

Shim - [Denmark]

Spinal Blood - [Italy]
ken_dong - [Italy]

Ruben - [Malta]


[COLOR=“Plum”]P2P Feb 11 2008
NeoFBA[Stable Release] Feb 11 2008

**Download **
1- Go to Downloads
2- Right click [under ‘installers’ category] and Save link AS.
3- Run the installer and it will install NeoFBA with P2P
4- Configure NeoFBA [rom dir and your stick/pad config]


lol still learning the game been nearly 4 months now and i still suck. At times i feel like giving up LOL but i will not

no worries il add u still, dont have to be a pro, just not a very beginner, ken sa1 :slight_smile:
dont quote the whole post :wink:

Add me, i’m from Italy ^

don’t add me to the list to be honest i hate the shit outta third strike LOL

Server: Reps Emulinker and (when it’s not down)

Zementos (nick varies)


I play only on p2p (I recruit in reps for p2p play)

Add me in msn for some duels :wink:

PS: Ciao kendong :slight_smile:

EDIT: now I play nfba the most

Shim - dk

I thought you knew. It’s been a while but will play more
again starting now :smiley:

My ping rate at reps has been weird the last couple of times I tried so
I’ve been playing on some og the french servers.



EDIT: What version of mame then? I have .119 but it seems most use .117.

Thanks for adding me MaybeMemories. Very few players as I can see from Europe, online that is…

Brutal-R = 117 for now.
ugh playing randomers has ruined whatever game i had

( _ ) P2P


you can see me on Reps (with a ping that varies between 47 and 62… depends on days) and on Emuline when the server is not down, but I’m mostly playing P2P, and eventhough I still have Mame117, I can hardly still use it now that we have FBA… (using FBAshuffle, btw, my contacts say it’s better than the latest FBA… I dunno, but they’re my contacts still :wink: )

D. from Russia. MSN:

The killa aka Tr-PaTrOn holland 16 32

Guys add me on msn and if I’m online hit me up for some casuals


Maybe you could add the games these players play? I’ll get the ball rolling. I play:


I’m on tonight. Hit me up on msn if you want some games

can you post on about GGPO?

ok i think iam getting a little better at this
put my name up lol

host a team tourney up should be fun 2 vs 2