European arcades

Hello, first post here. Anyway I’m gonna be going to Europe soon. Germany (Munich), Austria (Salsburg), and Chechoslovakia (Prague)in March and the UK (London and Oxford) in May. I already know about Japan’s famous Sanwa sticks and American Happ parts, but when I look up European arcades, all I hear is that they are filled with slot machines. I have read about Suzo System 500 sticks, but thats it. Im curious to see what kind of parts Europe uses and what kind of games they play. Does anyone know any arcades around the areas I described? Any info on their arcades? Is there a list of European arcades somewhere? I just found Neoempire, I should look into it more. Thanks for the replies.

There are a lot of decent arcades in london, but only a few worth going for fighting games.

In london there is the trocadero, its the biggest arcade game centre in europe, its got 7 floors and about 500 machines, 8 of those machines are japanese vs city machines, you can`t miss it.

There is also namco station in westminster, right beside the london eye.

And of course casino arcade located right next to goodge st tube station(northen line) this arcade might not look like much, but it`s got 2 50inch megalos, one with tekken dr, with custom designed pad ports for ps2. And the other with 3s version A all with sanwa sticks and buttons.

This arcade is where most of the hardcore fighting game players go to play tekken and 3rd strike.

Vegas gold on oxford st is also worth checking out, and las vegas in wardour st, just behind trocadero.

I don`t know about germany, austria and chech repulic, but paris has some arcades and so has sweden.

Oxford doesn`t have shit, Although there is a Japanese guy who moved there a few days ago who is ranked in the Top 5 in japan for tekken DR, he is very friendly and comes to london every weekend. So if tekken is your thing, well your gonna be spoiled for competition.

Ahh, thanks for the reply! I had read a tiny bit about the trocadero in a travel book (stupid authors made it sound like a shopping arcade). I planned on checking it out anyway, just cause it was a crazy looking place. I’ll be sure to check out the other arcades you mentioned too.

I just got back from Germany, Austria, and Czech Republic and I only saw 2 “arcades” in Munich, Germany. They were inside casinos and NOONE was even playing the machines. Seems like a lot of cabinets are starting to use Sanwa parts there. Although on the Tekken 5 machine, it used Eurostyle sticks (I thought it’d use Suzo System 500s). It actually felt pretty nice and it was very easy to dash with, so I may build my next stick using those.

Also, do you know if people actively play consoles over there (in general, not just fighting games)? When I was in the 3 countries I mentioned, consoles seemed dead too, not just arcades.

wow the trocadero sounds great - me and my bro are considering a trip from sheffield down to london for some 3s action… is it worth it?

If your coming to london just for games i would suggest coming when there is some kind of tournament, that way you get to play most players, otherwise it can be hard to find anybody in the arcades, except for friday nights.

The trocadero gets a lot of random challenges and can be good at times, just today while passing by i met a japanese st player who just moved here and will be studying english for a year and a half so it`s good spot for finding new players.

But coming here just for 3s, i dont think that would be worth it. 3s seems kinda dead and has been for a long time, except on friday nights at casino arcade. Outside of fridays its really touch an go.

Why don`t you go over to, sign up and match make with some of the 3s players.

You should be happy that you don’t have to go to Denmark. Arcades died out here when the PSX was released, so there’s nowhere to play on arcade machines. I still remember going to the most known arcade “Professor Olsen’s Spilleland” and get my asswhooped by the arcade “gang”.

Are there any decent Arcades in Spain? I’m on my route through there and wouldn’t mind playing some games.

Any European country would still be fun to go to. I had an uncle from Denmark, but he ditched my aunt years ago. But damn, was PSX really the root of all this evil? Cause from what I remember, when fighting games died out, DDR took over from there.

Also, I forgot to ask, but how much do arcade games usually cost in London (in GBP)? In Germany I can’t really remember, but it was something like 2 euros for 5 plays of Tekken 5 and something similar for Outrun 2.

If you came to Madrid, you could meet with with me, and with another friends in a mate’s flat to make a challenge, we play mainly SF3ts on PS2.
Anyways, The only decent arcade i know in Madrid centre to play vs. games is “Picadilly”, who has a few arcade cabinets with US sticks, Games: Tekken 5, Tekken Tag, kof 2003, and 2 kof’s 2k2.
It’s at Gran Via street, but I don’t recomend it for play with people, controls are not fixed regulary and there isn’t much people to challenge.

sorry for my english! :rofl:

I think if people could just list any good arcades anywhere in Europe it would be pretty helpful. I’m travelling around for 5 months and sometimes need a break from sightseeing, and streetfighter is the perfect distraction. If there are any sessions are gonig down in south France or anywhere in Italy in the near future post up so I can get in on that action. I really only play 3s, but I can play cvs2 and old school competently.


Going to Madrid in a few weeks for 10 days. Any updates on the arcades over there? I would really like some European action. :frowning: I failed to find any when I was in Rome.

there is no actual “arcades” in sweden but we have a place called dragons lair, wich provides space for people playing trading card games like magic, and tabletop stuff like warhammer.

there is also a room with a couple of arcades. 3s on back to back astro citys, st on a astro city and motw on a atomiswave, all on freeplay.

if anyone is coming here feel free to say hi at for more info