EUROPEAN HD Remix Gamertag Thread

Anybody on Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix in EUROPE and want some decent, lag-free, non-cross-Atlantic games?

I was looking to play players of around my own skill level who are based in Europe to cut down on lag, and was having a tough time finding any posts with non USA gamertags, so i thought i’d create a thread specifically for players in the EU to get some games going.

Post your Gamertag, Location, Character Mains, Voicechat Language preference(if any), And an HONEST idea of your skill level/rank here.

I’ll get the ball rolling:

XBL Gamertag: MackDaddi
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Mains: Dictator, Deejay, Guile, Honda
Voicechat:No preference, language is English
Skill Level: Fairly advanced, serious longtime player. Sitting round 200 in the all time rankings at the mo.Regularly hit 10+ winning streaks in player matches before i get bored of the room.

hello i would like to take the challenge.

you see my xbla and i main blanka and sometimes vega, guile,dj and hawk to fool around

oh i see you wanted plenty of other info so here it comes:

location:luxembourg (europe)
voicechat : english,frensh,german,luxemburgish
skill: currently 247 in all-time (best :133)

GT: Tschesae
Location: Thun, Switzerland
Main: DeeJay
Skill-level: Pretty good but I lack good competition and adaptet bad habits the last 2 months.

Location : France
Chars : Fei Long, Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Sagat
Voice chat : my English speaking and understanding is not fluent
Level : average but feel like a noob because always switching from SF2 to SF4. I love both games.

XBL Gamertag: Rooneye
Location: Middlesbrough, England
Mains: Ken
Voicechat:No preference, language is English
Skill Level: Probably a lot lower than most people on here, but Im learning and getting better and enjoying it.

i will add you all and you can give me your best

XBL Gamertag: AgonisticAli
Location: Peterhead, Scotland
Mains: So far Bison + Ryu
Voicechat: No preference, language is English
Skill Level: Im not fantastic as I only got the game last week and haven’t played it for years but im getting better i think! Need some good competition to get better!

XBL Gamertag: angel killah
Location: France, Paris
Mains: Chunli
Voicechat: I have no micro

XBL Gamertag: dav 35
Location: France, Rennes
Main: Ken
Voicechat: sometimes…

Hello Angel killah! :wgrin:

Gamertag = martynpie
Location = York, UK
Main = Vega
Voicechat = English and sometimes

I’m not brilliant, but I can hold my own :slight_smile:

I posted this already in the “Good players” thread but it’s worth a repeat and a bump in here too. Planet RV (who’s not on SRK yet) has asked me to spread the word that he’s set up a second XBL account dedicated soley to HD remix, to keep a list of all the best HDR players in Europe in for people to send friend requests to.

Send a friend request to “SF2HDR EU” and check out the friends list on it when he accepts you. He checks the account regularly so he’ll accept your FR pretty quickly. The list has got loads of great players both from SRK and elsewhere listed on there already for you to send your own friend request to, and hopefully we can get some more quality rooms happening in the already good EU HDR online scene.


For good measure:

Gamertag: Sharizord
Location: Sweden
Main: Vega
Voicechat: No mic.
Skill: Overrated.

Just want to disagree with this.Shari is too modest.His vega is scary and very, very fast.

Gamertag = Cruel Pai Mei
Location = Kent, UK
Main = Honda
Fun = Ken, T.Hawk
Voicechat = Yes!
Tick throwing = Uh huh

Bit rusty right now since SFIV has dulled my reactions a bit. Looking forward to getting sharp again, though. :tup:

Gamertag = cozeny
Location = Glasgow, Scotland
Main = Ryu
Fun = Fei Long
Voicechat = Yep
Incredulity at Reversal SPD: You bet! :smiley:

I’m rubbish but I’m a quick study.

Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Main: Ken
Fun: Ryu, Fei Long, Boxer (shitty boxer tbh but helluva ride when I get into that flow with meaty taps etc… but that happens once every 100 times I pick him :D)
Voicechat: Usually no mic but can be arranged if needed
Skill Level: Intermediate, on my way up :slight_smile:

I am up for practicing against any player, I need to tighten up my game vs a lot of characters, been playing A LOT offline vs my best buddy who’s a charge char player (guile and blanka primarily) but I think I’ve always been a tiny tad better than him so I need to face better players… oh and because of my lack of experience vs a lot of chars, if you’re a skilled Honda, Dhalsim or Gief for instance you’ll prolly eat me up but I want to learn the matchups so I don’t care about losing to a good player - quite the opposite really!

See you online :slight_smile:

Gamertag = Bogchild
Location = London, England
Main = Dee Jay, Guile
Fun = Vega, Ryu, Blanka
Voicechat = English

XBL Gamertag: AndersLiveFin91
Location: Kokkola, Finland
Mains: Dee Jay and Balrog
Voicechat: any
Skill Level: Excecution wise I’m pretty good, but when it comes to matchups knowledge and strategy I’m a total noob :lovin: :rofl:

XBL Gamertag: Louie413test1
Location: Sweden, Gothenburg
Characters: Balrog and Dee Jay