European Hype.

The amount of available footage from Hype events and matches in the US and Japan is very evident.

I figured it might be fun to have a thread where people could share some hype vids and or stories of Hype European Events.

To start here is a video of a European event that took place in Sweden this year:

I loved the bit at 2:31.

Here are a few things a friend of mine made:

Some footage of the fighting games at Q-Con XVI:

Trailer for the second season of our Ranking Battles:
[media=youtube]5cqsGCMiDXw (Also, check out the ones [media=youtube]hXzYGpRsSXo"]for each [URL=“”]individual[/media] [URL=“”[/media].)

Some older stuff from Season 1:

Sweden has the hypest commentary. I really want to play GG with those guys some day.