European KOF rep at Evo?


I dunno myself but… dunno. Waste of time?

This from orochinagi:

“We must send a European player to represent and play KOF at Evolution 2011. Plain and simple. KOF (no matter which title) needs to get hype at EVO. The players who don’t even have the game still understand that KOF must have maximum exposure at any tournament, and EVO is arguably the biggest right now. America is an important market for SNKP, and the more attention KOF gets, with more hype and potential revenue, the better the chance of development of XIII, DLC and future titles for the rest of us. We must support SNKP now, support KOF and send a European player to EVO to show that we have a devoted and serious community.
This can all be done easily if we all pitch in together. Click the donation button. Donate any amount you want! Even £1 is appreciated! Your name will go up here on the donators list. If you’re reading this on Facebook or the Mailing List, please visit the main site ( to find the donation widget on the right hand side of the page.
The current plan is to hold a tournament in Paris and send the winner to EVO. If we can really get some money together, we’ll take the winner of EVO to SVB. The winner will be wearing a T-shirt for major donators/sponsors. If you have a website or company that you would like our winner to represent get in touch or leave a comment and you will be contacted asap.
Thank you for even reading this far. With your help we will bring the glory days back to KOF! Bring KOF to EVO!”


KOF isnt even on the lineup…
host a qulifier for a side tournament?

not sure f its worth it


i actually do want to run a 2k2um side tourney at evo if theres enough interest for it.


Assuming I make it, I will be providing a 360 stocked with both 98um and 02um, along with 1 PS2-360 converter.