European MVC3 players on XB360

Hello ye!

I finally took the step of getting my hands on an XBOX360 so that I can finally play SSF4. However, I first purchased MVC3. However, I cannot seem to find any matches that are not against Canadians or US citizens. Being in Norway, which is located in northern Europe, this does mean games get laggy fast.

I’d like to make a thread here so that European players can leave their gamer details here and add each other in MVC3. How’s that sound?

Gamer profile: God two 0

(Oh, and I have to apologize in advance. Going from 5 years of keyboard play to one week of XBOX360 pad play (worst controller in the world compared to keyboard IMO), I do tend to suck a lot so far. Once they ship XIM3 to Europe I’m back to my beloved keyboard)

This goes either in the XBLA : MvC forum or in World Matchmaking. :tup: