European needs help with transitioning to a Stick


Hey guys!

As the title suggests, I desperately want to go away from my PS3 controller. I’ve read as many Guides and Guidelines as I could regarding Arcade Sticks, so I think I have a general idea what I want to buy. I realize that going for a low budget Stick isn’t worth it in the end and that a MadCatz TE is probably what you should be buying. Problem is though, I really can’t go over 100€ on the equipment, I’d even say 90€ would be the max.

So what to do? I originally found a Hori V3 (something like 7 days ago), but now they tell me they won’t restock this item, and I have to go out searching again.

Maybe some fellow European (actually doesn’t have to be European per se^^) could point me in the right direction; a site I haven’t seen yet? An offer I haven’t found? Every kind of help would really be appreciated!

Please don’t kill me if this is in the wrong forum : ( I’m really new to the forums and the scene in general (only playing for like 20 days), so please go easy on me. And I’m afraid I’m German, so please excuse my poor English skills.

P.S. I DID see that buying a low budget Stick and modding it yourself might be rather cheap aswell, but I’m not sure I’m confident in doing a successful mod : /



Use it.


I am using it, though there is literally 1 offer in Germany. Everything else is just extremely expensive shipping wise.


I am on German eBay and I see options?


To be fair, I’m not sure if anyone could consider them options!

There’s one PS3 SE and one PS3 SC5, both on auction. I’d root for the latter.

The rest of the sticks are either physically worthless or disgustingly overpriced. Helps me appreciate how good I have it being based in the UK.


Hey Kyle thx, yeah, I’ve made a couple of searches there, using “Arcade Stick”, “Fight/Fighting Stick” etc. But as I said, there are really few offers that I’m interested in, like I see a Soul Calibur one and a TE somehwere else. And everyone on this forum explicitly recommends NOT buying anything cheaper than 50 $/€, so I don’t want to waste money on those ones.


I think you might be confused on this point. For instance it is possible to get a £150 arcade stick for only £35 on eBay. Doesn’t necessarily mean it’s any good so don’t get confused with the retail prices.

What you should be looking for is an arcade stick that comes with Sanwa or Seimitsu parts. That’s pretty much all you need to know aside from the motherboard it’s using, build quality, and how easily it can be modded…


It’s worth giving eBay some time. Work out what sticks you’d be happy with. I’d recommend at least a TE. The parts are so much better being 100% Sanwa. You could spend a fortune upgrading an inferior stick to save money on the initial purchase.

Make yourself a search and save it on eBay. Have it email you when new things pop up in your search.

I managed to pick myself up a TE for £50 delivered recently, they do come up now and then.


Holy shit Cherry, I hope I can find one aswell : /


currently 41eur with 10 hours to go


That is such a nice deal I would get it myself if I could