European players

I’ve tried to get into this p2p thing lately, and I can’t find opponents for super turbo, because everyone plays on kawaks that won’t recognize my stick (and it also has godawful input delay).
I’d also love to have some hyper fighting matches now that final burn alpha runs it at proper speed, but people play ce…
Post up if you’re from europe and play st (on mame/fba) and hf, I’ll stick around regardless of how big your streak is.

Hi there. I’ve had the same probs with regards to ST and hyper fighting. As you say people seem to play CE all the time.
Just name your poison with regards to the version of mame you prefer.
Im from the UK and play under the name MrJoshua. I tend to play most evenings (except Friday/Saturday).
Word of warning, im fairly new to this pc online kaillera stuff so bare with me.
Just PM me for more details

pm sent.

For hf the ideal emu would be final burn alpha (whatever the latest version is), and it seems to run st ok too, there are some graphical bugs on deejay’s stage if I recall correctly, but nothing big.

im on kaillera european servers, usually on the Reps Emu server most evenings.

Furious Keys

ST doenst play as good on mame as it does on winkawaks. If you want a couple of games PM me.

How does tomorrow, 9 pm gmt sound?
I’d use kawaks if that’s what everybody uses, but I can’t get my stick to work with it :confused: