European PS3 Users Sign-Up

Trawled through the threads there and can see nothing for European PS3 users.

Wouldn’t it be good to have a few people from SRK but who are in Europe on your friend list in time for SF4. As you know, it will be a lag fest for us to play people State side.

Feel free to add me.

My details are on my profile :wgrin:


im a ps3 abuser tho. not just user

Look under my av.

Well there is this thread :wgrin:

More locals we can get the better I say.

if you haven’t added me yet your missing out on a beatdown

I think i played against you last night or so! You are playing ken right? If my memory serves me right you had some nasty throw loops -.-

And my psn id is the same as my forum name

Count me in.

PS3 Tag: IronRaiden

PD: I suck XD