European XBL Users Unite!


Hey there dear european Xbox owners.
I finally got my American Xbox and BB wich came straight from Hongkong.

I really like the game and would like to play it online. The thing is, most of the time
the connections are bad because there are no european users online.
I come from Germany and i just know a handfull of people who got the game for the Xbox.

So i would like to gather some european xbl users who would like to play BB online from time to time.

starting with myself.

Gamertag : Thomson GER (Germany)


This isn’t even funny. Look to what measures you forced the community…

Fuck you Aksys, fuck you Arcsys. Fuck you whoever made that pointless decision.
I’ve been anticipating this game so much, I shelled out for an imported TE stick dammit. And for what? For backing off their promised word two weeks before the actual release?

I google every single day in hope of some European release hint.

Once again - fuck you Aksys/Arcsys. Fuck you both.

Best of luck TC. Hope you find someone to play with.


I know what you mean, i know quite a lot of people from the German community who would like to play BB but just can’t.

Yesterday i actually found two french people… with them i can play without connection problems.

btw: edited ‘‘Hey there dear PAL Xbox owners.’’ to european xbox users because i didn’t ment to mock anyone :smiley: