Evaluate me? D:


lol im pretty insecure when it comes to the SRK forums. Dunno why, its probably because of all you guys on here are for some reason depicted as gaming gods in my head :wonder:

So i wanted to know if you guys wanted to …

A) Play a few rounds with me? I dont think im good (no i dont want you to pity me D: ) But i few like i maybe spam noels drive much? 0,0

B) Start a little casual room to play in xp

So yeah, just wanted to know if a few of you guys wanted to get in a room and pretty much just play a few matches back in forth… I know we have a casual room thread but captainbiggins sigh never accepted my buddy invite.

Im sorry if this goes in the wrong forums -_-


I thought I was the only one who felt like this…everybody i’m finding online is too “Elitist” to even play. They’re like: “It’s a level 9. Boot him.” Literally, that’s what i’m hearing from groups with voice chat. Well, excuse me, how the hell am I supposed to get better if I don’t fight better people? sigh

Sad day. I’ve only won a handful of matches online today, mainly because I keep getting the cheapest players I’ve ever seen in my life. Friggin’ Ragna’s and Noel’s…gotta figure out how to counter them. Rachel is going to take a while to use correctly, I can see.:annoy:



lol i would play you but it seems you have it on xbox D:

Yahh!! i fought this one Noel today, lvl 45 (psh i dont know HOW he got there) he litterally just spammed Drive. and i was really dissapointed because i was like - omg hes lvl 45 i know i can beat him, and i did a few times, but in the end he had more wins than i did and i felt like crap because i just lost to someone who sucks so badly its ridiculous (meaning i suck more lol)

D: i really hate him for tainting the name of Noel (well, alot of the NOel players do that lol)


Yeah, same here. :frowning:

And it’s just annoying, tbh. I’m finding that everybody I play online just does a corner trap with their character, I.E., Jin, Noel and Ragna, and then I can’t do squat with Rachel, since I’m being forced to block and take chip damage, then get thrown and get nailed with combos. :arazz:

I’m just shutting it off for the night. Too frustrated right now. Maybe I’ll just look for someone to “tutor” me with Rachel. Remember kids, to be pro in Blazblue just get that corner trap going. XD


what!?!?! NO!! thats not how you go pro in BB

its all about throwing your controller at the wall until the only button that coincidentaly works is the Drive one!

Nah, but i do respect the pros that dont spam xp


im not feeling the love…:sad:
every tager i find kicks me out of the lobby, and and every other person counter-picks noel :confused:


lol, i dont get it (im super nooby after all) but everytime i pick noel, the other person picks tager, is he her weakness? because tagers big body is easier for me to combo around with and i usually win when fighting tager 0,0


If you’re being kicked out a lot just join ranked matches till you’re level 15 or so. Then more people will start keeping you in, and honing your skills in player match is a LOT smarter than ranked match. Don’t make my mistake. Level 54 and i still suck.
Btw whoever you play, I suggest you fight some people, save the replay, and record it and show it in your respective forums here. (or on dust loop, preferably dustloop since it’s slightly more active) they’ll critique what you’er doing wrong, as long as you say “hey! i’m a noob… this is a really bad vid of me… please critique me and start with basics! You don’t want to be swamped with crap about taunt combos do you? :P”


sorry about hijacking this thread
for some reason dustloop wont let me register:sad:
and a do have a bad video of me getting beaten:

first time i played arakune ever


tell me what username you want and your e-mail that you’ll use for it so I can pm a mod to make it. It’s a common problem that has something to do with a router or something. He’ll probably send you the password in the e-mail.
and i don’t know a thing about arakune, but i’m just gonna guess without watching the video to NOT spam 2c (i see too many bad arakune players doing this)


ah i need help joining dustloop as well xp halp?

And someone game me already >,>

i didnt know you just got the game xp, im a lvl 25 i believe


Tell me what user name you want and give me your e-mail! >;[
and before i go to sleep too x_x I be tired.
EDIT:5 more mins till i sleep…



i send the mods a email and they never responded -_- jerks (lol)

thanks for the halp

now…then…back to the point of my thread plox >,>


okay i got it. ill email them and then go to sleep. expect an email within the next day or so. G’night lol


Hey Miso, sorry to derail this but I haven’t been able to sign up for Dustloop either due to some weird “your machine is using 2 IP address” bullshit. Mind if you send an email too? Name’s Jarv

also you and azn should add me on PSN, hey AzN where in florida are ya? We should get a good connection and some good games in.


kk. i’ll be the one e-mailing the passwords. if you feel unsafe with me knowing the passwords you can just change it once you get your acc

and squirrel i sent your acc stuff already.

edit:oh and at the actual thread i suggest like i said before, recording a video of and then showing it on the dustloop forums of your respective character and here if you want. If you can’t record it somehow, you can pm someone named "kurushii"
that’s his profile.
He’s really good with recording stuff, photoshop, but please remember that he’s really really busy and helps a lot of people out. just ask him to fight you and say that you know you’re new, you wanna record something to show to the forums to improve, and he’ll just record it and upload it to youtube. Easy! If not i’m sure there are other people who can record it, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

and yes. AS NOEL. DO NOT SPAM DRIVE. before you make the video you MIGHT want to first practice some normal combos of noel’s, found here.
That’s also a general “noel” guide and it’s very good quality. you’ll learn a LOT from it. (if you want to skip the move descriptions and feedback just scroll down a few posts)
Tell me if you need anything else~


miso sorry for posting this late but normally i wont do this:
the name is LAMG and the email is snip


you should really PM email addresses


agreed, edited out.


You will never get much better if you keep this attitude.
Strategies that beat you are not cheap.
You did not lose most of your matches because the other players were cheap, you lost because they were better than you.

It’s extremely good that your attitude is leaning towards: “I need to learn to counter these cheap moves.” Instead of “they shouldn’t be using cheap moves.” But you need to get “cheap” out of your thought process altogether because it acts as a crutch. Tagging a move or tactic as “cheap” slows down the thought process, you no longer feel pressured to learn what makes it effective because you’ve already figured it out as “cheap.”

I’m currently on vacation, but I’d be happy to play games with you on Live. I play as cheaply as I can, so it may be good practice for us. Live acct is same as my sn here.