Evaluate my Sagat


I’m looking for some advanced to high level Sagat players who would be willing to play a few games with me on PSN and evaluate my game/discuss areas for improvement so I can focus my efforts. If you would be willing to do this please PM me or send me a message on PSN. Thanks in advance.


just stand back spam Fireballs and do S.RH (high kick) on jump ins… gg you got 6000 BPs


Tissth… uh-

The way to evaluate your Sagat is not solely through mirror matches with ‘high level’ Sagats. Generally speaking, good players should be able to help give you pointers after you play them; you just have to be brave enough to ask them after you play.

Most importantly, get more games in with the people who you think have something to teach you. If you come across someone in ranked who really beasts you, ask them if they can spar you in some player matches.

I’m sure I speak for many when I say ‘practice’ is where it counts. Though asking for pointers from players won’t hurt. I think most people won’t give this out unsolicited because it’s kind of annoying to some people when you give them advice they didn’t ask for. That’s because a lot of people are their own best critic and know what they should have done, but failed to execute.

Again, don’t focus on mirror matches. Being good vs. Sagat, is only being good vs. One Character. It doesn’t accurately gauge how good your Sagat is.


Thanks for your thoughts Kendrick. You make a good point.


I’m all about fighting Sagat. If you want a few matches and chat (if you have a mic) look me up on psn : Griffchon