Evansville, IN


Anyone out there residing in Evansville? We’ve got several arcades here though only Two Bit Bandit has any fighters.


I used to live in Evansville, but even still, I live just on the other side of the Wabash from you guys. Wouldn’t mind playing some people if I come over there.


tell me more about this Ebash…


There used to be a Evansville, IN thread but it went away.

I was born in Eville.

Miss it.

Miss it alot.


For real, it’s not too bad a place sir.


What’s odd is I don’t remember making this thread. Even weirder, that eBash place is some weird idiotic place that FPS players go to and I’ve never been there or talk to anyone who does. I’m thoroughly scared now…


I’ve heard it also holds a lot of Smash Brothers stuff too.

Either way, seems like SF and other legit fighters get left out in the cold in the tri-state.

I’m trying to get stuff started on the other side of the Wabash. Slowly, but surely…

Are there any cabs over at Walthers of legit fighters? Last time I was there, I wasn’t gaming much, and only really found the DDR cab. But admittedly, it’s been 4 years since I’ve been in Walthers, but a group of my friends are planning a get-together on the 31st of going to eat at Olive Garden, then heading over to Walthers, so I was wondering.


Walthers has absolutely no fighters and their DDR is a dollar now. They also switched to Supernova which blows balls compared to extreme (in my opinion)

Two Bit Bandit has a Street Fighter Anniversary cab by “customcade” that has Alpha 1-3 and 5 Versions of 2, but the right stick is always wonky and they dont fix it. They also have a Tekken 4 and 5 but the left stick on 5 and right stick on 4 is messed up so theres really no competition going down. Otherwise, I can’t recall any of the other local arcades having anything noteworthy


Holy shit two bit bandit still exists?

Is it in the same location?


Yeah, they’re hanging in there. Aside from their fighters, they’ve got a few new(er) machines like Initial D 3, DDR: Supernova, Deal or No Deal, and Dinosaur King.

Its just sad that the only fighters in town aren’t taken care of at all. If I go up there anymore (I can see the building from outside my window), its usually to play Galaga or DDR.


i live about an hour and a half away


Where at?


It seems like all the east side arcades are phasing out fighters for whatever reason. Anyone who lives close know of any places on the west side with anything?\

I’m half tempted to try and move somewhere with a better arcade scene.


It’s gross. I have both Evansville and Carbondale nearby, neither place has fighters. At all.

The best I’ve gotten is a weekly game night/meetup at my place on Fridays. It’s about to start roaming to other people’s houses. But it’s been good so far.

But it’s still not an arcade, swoll with enthusiasts learning and teaching.

There seriously needs to be some people step up and start playing around here.


Just in case some of you don’t know and might be interested we are having a tournament in indianapolis on the 29th. http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=196544


What fighters do you have up there at Gameworks now? Last time I went a couple gencons ago, it was just MvC2.


I hardly ever go there but I know for sure they have Marvel, 3S, and Tekken 6 BR. The Gameworks staff is holding a tournament on the T6BR cabinet during our event as well.

Supposedly they’re getting head to head SF4 cabinets but it’s been like a month or two since they said that and nothing has materialized.


I currently live right outside of Evansville, but we’re moving over there in about a week.

I’m originally from Detroit, so I had no idea what the arcade scene would be like in EVille.

So basically, the only place worth going to is Two bit bandit? That’s right by the big movie theater right?


Showplace Cinemas on Morgan? Yeah, that’s the place. But according to Kojiro, the FG cabs have busted parts in them, and aren’t maintained.

It’s a shame that Walthers doesn’t have any FG cabs. They would have room, if they didn’t have 5,000 ticket games. I was over there a few weeks ago, and the only good arcade games they had were DDR and Time Crisis. The rest were basically ticket machines. Irritating.


Two Bit is officially worthless now.

They got rid of DDR, Time Crisis, Street Fighter Anniversary, Tekken 5, and others and just made their area smaller (It used to take up both buildings. They are officially the worst arcade in town now :stuck_out_tongue: