Evansville, IN


This is it! Only one week remains to register for UFGT8, which goes down from May 25th to the 27th in Chicago / Northbrook, IL. If you choose to register at the door, it will cost $10 more than it does right now, and you will not be seeded regionally or by skill. Here are just a few of the reasons you need to be at UFGT8:

-Fun and Games corner, including Super Balrog Ball and DIVEKICK, to keep you busy winning prizes between your pool assignments.
-Community panels, including discussions hosted by Justin Wong, Iron Galaxy Studios, and Victor “Sp00ky” Fontanz
-Cheap trip! Hotel rooms are only $69 a night, and parking is free.
-Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown beta and free tournament; the midwest’s first chance to play FS!
-FOUR Character Auction side events; SSF4AE, KoF13, SFxT, and UMvC3
-The Ultimate Payout System, which scales payouts and bonuses with the number of entries in a game, and pays out roughly the top 10% of entries
-Cash bonuses in SSF4AE, UMvC3, and SCV provided by EVO. Cash bonus in MK9 provided by WB/NRS. Cash bonus and custom arcade stick prize in Skullgirls, provided by Autumn Games.
-Infinity Gauntlet trophies for 1st place in SSF4AE, UMvC3, SFxT, SCV, SG, MK9, KoF13, Mystery Game Tournament, Super Balrog Ball Tournament, and Divekick Tournament.
-Over 80 raffle prizes, including nearly 40 arcade sticks. Everyone who pre-registers is automatically in the Door Prize Raffle, everyone who attends panels gets tickets to the Panel Raffle, and anyone who plays in the Fun and Games corner gets Fun and Games Raffle Tickets.
-Every setup, provided by Focus Fire, runs on an “EVO” Asus monitor.

Head over to http://ufgt.us/ and click Register to get it taken care of. Preliminary pool assignments (subject to change) will be available online on May 21st for review, and you’ll have a day or so to spot regional seeding problems and get them to me. The final set of pool assignments will be available on May 23rd. See you guys in just under two weeks, and please travel safely to Chicago.


SWIFGA - SouthWest Indiana Fighting Game Association will be hosting a Halloween inspired Vampire Savior tournament!

Game: Vampire Savior
Location: Two Bit Bandit; 1650 Morgan Center Drive, Evansville, IN 47715
Date/Time: Friday, October 26; 7:30pm

The machine is set to $0.50 a play, so be prepared to pay for your own games, but in dire circumstances, I’m sure the community will provide. Tournament format TBA based on attendance. No prize is currently set and its all just for fun, but we may whip up something small.

Usually our events are small and private, but since this one is in a public place, I’d like to make it available to the public and encourage new members and build our community here.

It’s not required to attend, but I encourage you to visit SWIFGA.com, which will redirect to our group’s Facebook page and get in on our fight nights and every few months, our King of SWIFGA title event.


Hi,everyone. I’m from around the Owensboro,KY area. We have a whole tri-state area around us and I’m wanting to bring people from around that area together as a community. Just bumping this thread to see if any of you guys are still alive out there. I’m wanting to throw something real soon.


Hey Foolinfection, we don’t really use Shoryuken.com that much. We do have a moderately active group of facebook called ‘Southwest Indiana Fighting Game Avengers’ (SWIFGA for short) Look us up there if you’re interested.


I should be back into the Tri-State for a bit in January, let’s see if we can get something going.

If so, I may have a few friends from Illinois willing to make a drive over to Evansville to play. Especially if I bribe them with food.


Found it a while back. I’m the dude posting on there with the ST boards currently building a super gun.


At this point, have you considered just buying a UD-CPS2? I don’t know how far along on the project you are, but it might be better for you to just do that, seeing as it can hook up to any CRT TV and can be used with USB sticks.


I thought about it, but I’d also like to play more than just cps2 games on it. I have a 3S and HF board so it’s better to just build a supergun. Not to mention I think Undamned has quite a waiting list right now. I currently have a working build of my supergun and I am currently moding a couple SE style cases with sanwas to connect with db-25 cables.


Sweet, that makes sense then.

You might consider his USB to JAMMA adapters though, just for people who have specific hardware they play on.


Is there any update on that adapter so far? From what I’ve seen in the UD-CPS2 thread he hasn’t posted any updates for it yet. I totally was considering those and will definitely be getting them when they become available.


Not sure about that, but considering he’s about to release the UD-CPS2 out into the wild, I don’t think it’ll be too long before they’re seen.



Hello everyone I am seriously looking for a ride to TFC. My phone number is
e-mail xinfinitelightx@gmail.com
and I live on 95th and Jeffrey on the south side of chicago.
My name is JImmy Ellis

I can pay anybody please give me a ride.



@Foolinfection: Looks like you should be ready to buy soon:


Im in Northern Indiana and looking for a community, I can travel, I have just gotten back into SSF4 after 2 years. Odd_Harold on PSN. Hit me up anytime.


Any1 still go to 2 bit and play ther busted ass mvc2. Looking for people to play some fighting games with.


Northern Indiana is way too far to drive for Evansville.

I could’ve sworn Ft. Wayne had a community, though.


We’re having a tournament in Evansville coming up real soon! (technically in Newburgh) We’ll be playing UMvC3 and SSBM.

Check out the tournament thread here:

And make sure to sign up on the Facebook event page!


You guys still around? I’ll be back in Indiana next year around April and I got 3-4 guys that will be ready to play seriously on most fighting games.


Kind of a late reply since I don’t look here much anymore. There’s a weekly gathering hosted by Evansville Esports called Friday night fights.


I live in Indiana! Are there are any tournies around here? I swear I thought we had no FGC scene.