Evel's FS Thread - WTS Arcade Parts & Games - Updated!

Items will be added from time to time. I’ll lower prices accordingly.

All prices include shipping if you are within the Continental United States.
I am hesitant to ship to Canada, and most likely will not, unless you’re paying for the shipping. I’ll decide the shipping cost to Canada. For those in the US, I’ll strive to ship two days after I receive payment through the USPS.

All payments will be through PayPal and nothing else. Once I have confirmed your purchase through a PM, I’ll reply with my PayPal email address.

on hold - until payment cleared

Arcade Parts: (including pictures)
$8 - 3 used Blue Sanwa OBSN-24
$3 - 1 used Pink Seimitsu LB-35
$3 - 1 used White Sanwa LB-35

Used Games (pictures upon request):
$3 - [360] Madden NFL 08
$6 - [360] Assassin’s Creed
$6 - [360] Naruto: Rise of a Ninja
$18 - [360] Grand Theft Auto 4 + GTA 4 Brady Games Guide in good condition
$6 - [PS2] Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories
$6 - [PS2] Yakuza
$5 - [PS2] Final Fantasy X-2
$5 - [PS2] La Pucelle Tactics

Want to Buy:

Items Sold:
$5 - 2x Dark Hai Sanwa OBSF-30 - used, stripped off of a TE, microswitches in good condition sold
$3.50 - 2x Sanwa OBSM-30 Button Plug - bought a long time ago, never used sold
$20 - 6x Sanwa Blue Shell, White Top OBSF-30 - used, decent condition, microswitches in good condition sold
$5 - 4x Cherry .187" Microswitches - never used sold
$2 - 8x 30mm Hori buttons, 2x 24mm Hori buttons - stripped from a HRAP-EX [COLOR=“Magenta”]sold[/COLOR
$22 - (360) BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger Limited Edition - comes with all CDs, which are in good and working condition. Outermost box has a bit of damage.
$24 - 6x Purple Seimitsu PS-14-KN 30mm AND 1x Purple Seimitsu LB-39 Bubbletop - all used, in decent condition
$17 - 6 x Red Sanwa OSBN-30 - used

Thanks for looking.

pm sent

OOOH OOH! I want those blue plunger, white rim Sanwa buttons and those OBSM-30 button plugs! PM SENT! :mad:

pmed u for parts evelgest.

All PMs replied to, items sold and on hold are noted.

Ill take the cherry switches.

PM sent, post edited, WTB added.

Lowered prices.

Added items, and lowered prices again.

Lowered yet again. C’mon, I need these gone!

Added Purple Seimitsu PS-14-KN and Bubbletop set.


Updated~ after a long absence.

Pm for sanwas

^if that one bails out, PM me I’m interested in them as well. Thanks!

Cleaned out my inbox, sorry about that. Used to be premo and had more space.

Pm resent

Finally found some things worth selling!

I have two red bezels I will never use. I’ll PM you.

I will trad you a red TE bezel for Final Fantasy X-2. Let me know if you are interested.